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16-04-2009, 03:28 PM
I have previously done yearly and monthly activitiy plans. Have now realised i need to do weekly plans for the children....have printed a fab looking one form bromley site.

Now im not sure what to do!!!

Where it has the boxes for every topic ie PSED, CLL etc etc.....do we need to fill out a plan for each of those topics per week, or just a few we are observing them on at that point....hope that makes sense!!!


16-04-2009, 03:44 PM
You can plan in 2 ways...

1. From observations... so John is playing in the sand and is starting to weigh and measure ... you plan to find the measuring spoons tomorrow etc;

2. For themed activities... so it is Chinese New Year / Red Nose Day etc this week and you want to plan. John is clearly sand mad so you try him with red rice ... or give him chopsticks to play with in the sand tray and talk about China while he is playing etc...;

you do not need to show PSED, CLL, Prs&n every single day with every child but you are aiming for a balance of activities through the week that meet all 6 areas of learning and development... some of the activities will come from child led / child interests and some will come from your planning which is relevant to each child's needs.

Does that make sense? :D