View Full Version : Who else is working today?

10-04-2009, 06:40 AM
I started work at 6.30am this morning with 3 mindees. I've got them all till 2.30pm, usual holiday hours!

Is anyone else working today or am I the only mad one?

10-04-2009, 06:52 AM
No but I would have done if I'd have been needed.

Have fun!!

10-04-2009, 06:55 AM
Not me - I'm off until Wednesday :clapping:

10-04-2009, 06:58 AM
I was going to work today but a parent has been givin the day oof too, so being paid but not working yay!

10-04-2009, 07:19 AM
I am working, only one mindee though, 8.30 - 1pm, so not too bad! Then off till Tuesday (mmmmm dreaming of lie in's!).

10-04-2009, 07:22 AM
Not me should have been but dad off so an extra day for me. Would have finished at 12 if I had have been:)

10-04-2009, 07:27 AM
No, I'm not working!

At least you've got an early finish

Miffy xx

10-04-2009, 07:29 AM
we were off but one parent phone yesterday tosee if we could have her two.
they are not working but doing major work in the house and wnat to finish it but is difficuklt with 2 under 3

as it only two rachel is having them as we are going to look at getting a new car:clapping:


10-04-2009, 08:19 AM
Hi i'm working 1pm -6pm i don't normally work bank holidays but parent is working and her husband is away and she's not got anyone else to help. so i said i would do it for her! i never worked bank holidays or saturdays (in 5 years of working as a childminder)but in the last 4 weeks i have done them both, just to help out! but i'm on holiday next week for the whole week bliss:clapping:

10-04-2009, 08:23 AM
I'm off until a week on Monday:happy banana: (not rubbing it in honest:D )

10-04-2009, 08:34 AM
im working i started later today at half eight and have 5 kids until 6 tonight then im off till tuesday :clapping: :clapping:

10-04-2009, 08:49 AM
ive no kids until thursday, should have had lo on tuesday but i have my god mothers funeral.

10-04-2009, 08:55 AM
I'm off until a week on Monday:happy banana: (not rubbing it in honest:D )

Ooohhhhh lucky you, enjoy your time off Helen.

I'm not working either, did half expect one lot of my parents to say he was still coming but no, that's me till Tuesday :jump for joy: :jump for joy:

Carol xx

10-04-2009, 09:17 AM
I am not working!!

Have no objection to it and would do if asked, but wasnt!! :laughing:

10-04-2009, 12:12 PM
I am not working and wanted to spend time with my family for once

Angel xx

Lady Haha
10-04-2009, 12:39 PM
I'm not working! And it's driving me (and my son who is 7) mad! We are both bored to tears and climbing the walls! It was nice to get up late, he had a late night too, so we didn't get up til half ten (heaven!). But within an hour of waking up, we realised with horror that it's just me and him all day today, Sunday and Monday (working tomorrow). I haven't got any spare cash as it's all needed for next weeks outings and stuff. I planned all my work days with military precision, but now realising I should have done the same for these days with me and ds! He is on Nick Junior Website atm, while I am here! And to top it all, its pouring with rain, so can't even go to the park for a freebie day out!

Times like this I realise I really should charge for bank hols, just so that I would be able to afford to do something nice with ds!

10-04-2009, 12:50 PM
This is the first Good Friday that i haven't worked for many years, its very strange. All day i've been thinking its Saturday!!!!:D

10-04-2009, 12:52 PM
NO :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

Are you charging more since it's bank holiday today ? x

10-04-2009, 02:38 PM
Nope not working till tues:clapping:
I too keep thinking its saturday:)

10-04-2009, 02:42 PM
This is the first Good Friday that i haven't worked for many years, its very strange. All day i've been thinking its Saturday!!!!:D

I keep thinking its Saturday :D

10-04-2009, 04:01 PM
I did 4 hours ths afternoon with one mindee - we went to one of the national trust easter egg hunts. Best one I've ever done :D

10-04-2009, 04:09 PM
Not me:clapping: But I keep thinking I've lost something and panicked when I got back to the car and only had my 2 with me!! Had to carry bags too as no buggy to put things on:blush:

I think I may survive though:laughing:

10-04-2009, 07:10 PM
I started at 0630 and finished at 6pm and I'm doing the same monday.

10-04-2009, 07:35 PM
i was working 9 until 5

no mindees now until next friday :clapping:

well unless S's mum needs me to mind at short notice :laughing:

10-04-2009, 07:46 PM
i've worked 9 till 6, didn't mind tho as she was the same age as my daughter so kept her busy all day. To be honest id work all weekends all the time if i could its easier two than one!

Haven't charged much more either, just one pound more.. To be honest we've all had a good day, went to a country park and had a picnic :)