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08-04-2009, 08:04 PM
my son is currrently being assed for dysphraxia, one of the things he finds difficult is interacting with other children, today i had 7 children and he spent most of the day in his room (upstairs is of limits to mindees) he came down a to take part in an egg hunt and to make nests but that was it. i have spoke to him and he says its because he dosent want the others annoying him when he plays, he spends after school in his room which i assumed was because he like to chill out after school. I have explained that they wont annoy him and that he dosent have to let him join in his games the same as they dont have to let him join in their games.
I feel that i am leaving him out of things even though its his choice to stay upstairs and feel quite guilty about it but dont know how to help him, i have asked him this too but havent got anywhere with it.
does anyone have any experiance of dysphraxia and how to deal with this side of it? or know of any way i can get him to join in more or to come downstairs more?

08-04-2009, 08:07 PM
children with dyspraxia find it hard to interact with others

your best bet is to wait until the assessment has been done as they'll give you ideas to help him
also the more you encourage/force it the more he'll withdraw, let him interact when he wants to

my son has ADHD and likes to retreat to his room too, and my friends son and an ex mindee had it too


08-04-2009, 08:11 PM
I have two children with Dyspraxia, and have worked with several other who have dyspraxia.

08-04-2009, 08:21 PM
hi pedagog do you have any suggestions of how best to help him interact or is this somthing that come with time? I feel awful that he wants to be on his own all day and desperatly want to help him, he does also get awfuly frustrated with things and can be very loud which puts the other children off and so dosent help him

08-04-2009, 08:39 PM
I have an autistic and a dyspraxic - the dyspraxic is fine with the mindees generally, it's the other one that I have problems with. It could just be his personality too - also maybe he feels too old? My own children like to clear off out of the way a lot, but this is work and you have to do it. How old is he??

09-04-2009, 05:54 AM
hi deb he is 8yrs old and my daughter is 10yrs, then i mind an 18 month old, 2yrold, 3yrs and 6yrs. most of the time i get 'but i am happy in my room havin my private time' then on the od occasion its ' i want my home to be ours only' i think i worry about him being left out . he has a playstation 2 in his room plus lots of his own toys that he isn't wiling to share so cant bring down so he has plenty to do up there its just the fact that hed rather be up there and not down here with us and that i know he finds it hard to interact with others that i worry about.
will have to think up some games that all the children can play and that he will like so wil join in so that he can learn to like them prehaps.

09-04-2009, 08:04 AM

My Son has dyspraxia but he isnt effected socially, he has severe speech difficulties and luckily he is so good natured, his school friends adore him and have helped to pull him along keeping him in mainstream school.

Hw was also ind pyshically and had 2 years of OT and PT but has been signed off from that due to gaining strength and making a huge improvement.

His speech therapy started when he was age 3.10, he was having intensive weekly sessions as well as daily excercises, now age 7 he has speech therapy in school with daily practice at home.

I'm lucky with my So he needs the interatction and doesnt cope with being alone so he is always involved in something. He cant cope with change, a new mindee really unsettles him, change of routine or quick changes in plans such as today we are off ice skating but if I change that now he would panic and get so upset and then seems to clamp down as his expected plan for the day has been changed. routine wise he shows signs of autism but has been checked several times, everything has to be in an order, he will only get dressed in one order .. so pants socks trousers vest top jumper, if his clothes are out of sequence he panaics and he then cant dress himself.

The website I've added is very good, you do not have to be a paid member to gain the information but if you want further support you do need to pay.

there is a listing there too of different ages and stages that maybe of some use to you.

09-04-2009, 02:55 PM
Mushpea, I think we all get that from time to time; so perhaps nothing to do with his dyspraxia. It's hard isnt it? I just tell mine that I could always get another job at social services and pack them off to a childminder instead! I also tell them that I have found a cruel wicked minder who puts children under the stairs whilst she plays wist and smokes cigars. lol

I try to have a couple of days off in the school hols, and devote them to my children only. And guess what? They arent interested ;) Hope he comes round X

09-04-2009, 03:12 PM
My youngest has dyspraxia too, (I'm amazed at how many of our children have it!) He likes to spend hours in his room but is more than capable of being sociable when he wants to be. I would definitely not recommend pushing him into it or threatening him etc as you may well make him worse.

My lad has blossomed since I stopped listening to all those people who 'knew best' and started listening to him. ;)

The dyspraxia foundation mentioned earlier is very good for info etc.

Hope it all goes well for you both.

09-04-2009, 03:21 PM
He sounds like my son, hun.

He has been assessed for dyspraxia but doesn't suffer from it. I think with dyspraxia people suffer with co-ordinational problems as well, which my son doesn't.

He has lots of problems interacting with other children, takes things the wrong way, says everyone is annoying him, gets into big moods with everyone and only has a few friends. He doesn't make friends very well and has the same friend since he was 4, he is now 10. he plays upstairson his own ad only comes down for a little while when mindees are here because he doesn't like the noise and the children "hassling" him.
I don't know how he is going to survive secondary school next sept. I am thinking of home schooling him, he is that bad.

BUT he is very well behaved and very polite.

His major issues is his poor ability to concentrate, he can't pay attention for more than a few minutes and finds it hard to follow orders.

They gave been assessing him for ADD and Aspergers for the past 2 years and we seem to be getting nowhere because we have to wait 6 to 8 months to get an appointment to see his consultant. It is so slow.

I hope you get something sorted out soon xxx

09-04-2009, 05:52 PM
thanks folks, he is being assesed because he cant sit still in clas and appears to be on another planet when the teacher is talking although he is listning as he knows exactly what he has to do, he cant walk anywhere or sit still, he has trouble holding a pen/pencil and also with writing, he is unco-ordinated in some ways like catching a ball etc, he had speach therapy when he was 3 as he didnt say his first word till he was 2 then was very unclear and only i new wat he was saying. he was signed off in the infants from speach therapy but now they want him to have more therapy becuase when he is asked somthing he dosent answer straight away as though his brain needs time to proccess things before he can answer. he does have trouble interacting with other children, as though he dosent know how, there is aspergers in the family and i have mentioned this but they don't seem to think thats it.
oh well only a couple of weeks then we may find out more at his appointment.