View Full Version : made me laugh one of my friends i havnt seen for a while asked me about c/m

05-04-2009, 01:59 AM
and asked me what was involved, as her friend wanted to use her as a childminder - i think so she would get it cheaper.

My friend carried on to say, i was going to go on that icp course then i can start minding! i said dont forget all the paperwork as well - she cracked me up .... paperwork she said i didnt know you had to do that!!! hahahahaha made me really laugh. I said actually paperwork is all you seem to be doing.

She said o do you mean the diarys at the end of the day .. i said and the rest, policies, procedure - EYFS blah blah - her face was a picture!

Not sure she will be doing it now, It seems alot for me and im extremely organised, she really doesnt know whats involved.

Just made me laugh as people really dont know whats involved, they think they do 1 course then thats it ... childminder - lol

05-04-2009, 06:15 AM
you forgot - sit at home drinking tea- is that the cold tea as i never seem to have a hot cup lol

05-04-2009, 08:13 AM
cold cuppa's .... one day I'll remember to drink a warm one lol.

gone are the days when cm's were glorified babysitters!

my old neighbour has retired now, she started as a cm unreg 27 years ago then over time she became reg (before i moved nextdoor to her to atleast 15 years ago) then attempted to do nvq2 which i pulled her through using coursework from my onw training, she passed and relaxed then birth to 3 years followed by every child matters and she struggled but sis it again with help. then I moved away and became a cm myself, she and I talked all the time she helpd me set up with policies etc but now the EYFS has proved to be way too much ...

27 years as a cm though! she is turning 70 now and relaxing as a Grandma enjoying her time without paperwork, she once told me a cm was a glorified babysitter but now they are teachers and she admires all those who are able to cope with the paperwork.

Personally I dont think i would cope at her age either, sheesh its hard now lol but I'm a slacker too which doesnt help.