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26-03-2009, 02:52 PM
I look after a lo who was 3 beginning of Dec, he is not a small boy and he is in size 6 nappies but they are too small and keep coming open as they just stick together, unfortunatly he is very quiet and likes everything done for him( bit of it is cultural) even to the point of having to bend his legs when trying to change him!!!

I cant say he is showing signs of being ready but then thats just him, never asks for anything and is a complete follower, his mum had a week off last month and i thought she may have started but no, and im sure they just want me to do it and hen tell them when he is done so to speak, his number 2 nappies are horrendous and i am not a cockly person in the slightest

Any advice as wether to approach mum about her starting it or not?


26-03-2009, 03:06 PM
My son is 3 3/4 (goes to school in September) & I have only just potty trained him (we are moving onto the toilet at the moment with great success).. he is a v. big boy & I had to have in huggies pull up pajama pants for over a year, as size 6 was too small for him....to be fair I had previously started to train him, but with my pregnancy, me stopping working, moving, him going into a big bed, Baby arriving, starting pre-school...all within 3 months...he had major emotional issues & i just let him be till he was more settled! It does sound like this parent is being lazy.... so you need to discuss this with the parent...bring it up by saying that his nappies are too small & this would be a good time to potty train...explain the importance of working together to avoid confusing the LO...at the worst at least the parent may buy nappies that fit him!:rolleyes:

26-03-2009, 03:17 PM
Does he know when he has been??

If he has no idea then you will just be wasting your time. You need to wait until the child is ready & they are all ready in there own time.

I used to mind a child of 3 again, I had to do everything. His parents decided he was ready & he wasn't at all, it was the worste few weeks ever!!!

Maybe you could start off by talking to him & making him recognise when he has had a wee or a poo & get parents to do the same & then in time encourage him to tell you & go from there. Its just you saying that he is showing no signs of being ready that would make me think its not going to work.

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26-03-2009, 03:55 PM
same here with a 3 year old, he was doing ok but then decided not to do a poo, he held it for 2 days refusing as parents wouldnt give him a nappy to do it so i accidently broke the rules and gave him a nappy.

then he was away for 2 wks same happened again, parents took him to hospital as his tummy hurt so much, they told parents to put a nappy on let him do his duty with confidence but by then he needed assistance too.

he was almost 4 before he would poo on the loo and he learnt to save it until he had pullups on for bed. I would wait for the better weather atleast.

26-03-2009, 05:57 PM
I care for a 2yrold whose size 6 nappies dont really fit and is not ready for training at all, to big to fit on a potty or toilet train seat and scared to sit on the toilet even when i hold him so i wonder what to do with him, have pointed out to mum that pullups might fit beter but they are 'just to expensive':(
my daughter was still haveing accidents of both sorts when starting school at almost 5yrs yet my son was 17.5months and came up to me a toddler group asking saying 'de de ' which normaly meant his nappy was wet (they were cloth) so checked and it was dry, sat him on the potty and 1 week later he was fully trained!:eek:
so just goes to show they are all different and will do it in their own time not

26-03-2009, 06:43 PM
I am worried at him not showing any signs but i am changing his clothes at least 3 times a day because of the nappies coming apart from him playing :rolleyes: , the pull ups dug into his legs and they were the extra large ones, i know if you have a child with additional needs you can get larger ones and not sure if its worth getting mum to speak to HV, dad is on dropping off and picking up rota so will have to wait until i speak to mum, dad is great but useless at listening!!!

I honestly dont think he will ever realise, i have never met a child so laid back, he never cries or makes a fuss.