View Full Version : Baby Monitors - do I need one

19-03-2009, 07:37 PM
The travel cot is under the stairs in the hallway between the kitchen and the living room and if I live the door open can see it all the time, do I need a baby monitor. I have one listed in my policies for a baby but before I buy one do I really need one.

In Sept I will have two travel cots and am planning on putting them in my lounge as my playroom should be built then so I can see me needing one then but can I get away with one now.

19-03-2009, 08:43 PM
If you are happy that you can hear a child whilst sleeping then you wouldn't really need one. I have one because the cot is upstairs in my house.

Even if i used the front room with a cot in it i would probably use one if i was in the garden with the other children.

You know yourself best and if all senarios mean you are within earshot then you won't need a monitor.