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Helen Dempster
16-03-2009, 03:27 PM
I am having the day from HELL today :( My friend thought it would be lovely to take the children for a walk in the park, as the sun was shining. This incl 2 mindees, my son and her daughter, who are all roughly the same age (2-3 yrs). Anyway, neither of us took buggies (hence the word 'walk') as usually they are all more than capable to walk short distances. Well....either there's going to be a full moon tonight or I don't know what - ALL of them didn't stop moaning, from the car journey, to the park, back home again! They were all afraid of the dogs in the park and we had screaming fits about 100x (again, they're all usually fine). Back to hers for play and drinks before lunch. 3 yr old mindee needed the toilet, so off she went. I came home, got text from friend. Mindee had flooded her bathroom - put dolls in sink and must've been 'washing' them, had left tap on and had poured prescribed oil for skin condition all over them. There's been other things, but I've typed more than I intended to....you all get the gist now!

I need my bed!!!

Hope you're all having better days than this one?


16-03-2009, 03:36 PM
Oh! poor you. Sounds as if you need a stiff drink as well!

Yes i'm afraid we have had a slightly better day. Only have 2 mindees today, 18mths and 3yrs. We have been to a garden centre and bought all our seeds, compost and pots so we will start planting this week! We have carrots, lettuce, radish, spring onions and tomatoes to go in a hanging basket. We have got to get some beans as well.

We also got a couple of games for the garden, dominoes and the tower of hanoi.

We had a lovely time and treated ourselves out to lunch.:clapping:

Its down to the dentist later though!!!:eek: All good things come to an end they say!!!!!

16-03-2009, 07:04 PM
Oh no :(

Sounds a bit like my day but with only my 3yr daughter - i wouldnt let her have her buggy to sit in for the school run (only 5 minute walk) so she cried and cried all the way there and all the way back, then again when i took her to preschool, and on the way home again - she refused to hold my hand and cried for a carry so i ended up (as calm as i could) holding her coat sleeve and walking then stopping to ask her to hold my hand again (refused) then hold her sleeve then walk a few steps, stop, ask her to hold my hand.....you get the jist :laughing:

I told her that tomorrow she will have the reins on if she wont hold my hand and its time she walks like a big girl. Wish me luck :littleangel:

16-03-2009, 07:29 PM
Poor you!

We spent the day in the garden and every time the little one fell over (which was a lot) he 'hurt' something or it was 'sore'... I felt like a cracked record telling him he was fine! :rolleyes:

Good luck tomorrow Jen! :D