View Full Version : just wondering what your sickness policy was?

15-03-2009, 10:09 PM
so far my sickness policy contains the notifiable illnesses in which the child should be excluded, such as diarreah, vomiting, measles etc.

But i just wondered would you exclude a child if he has a cough or cold. A parent asked me if she should bring her child last week (only have him 1 afternoon a week) he had a cough, i said yes as i thought if he was that poorly she wouldnt have bought him herself. Anyway i had him, his cough was bad, but now my older son has caught it and has had a high temp since yesterday and now cannot go to school tommorow!!! and probably means i wont be minding another child as she wont want him to catch it either.

If one of my children are ill i normally let the parent know and let it be their decision as to what they want to do about it. I have had one of my children be sick and the mother still wanted her child to come to me as she didnt want him to go anywhere else and she had to work.

I really feel i should of said no now to the child with the cough as now my child is suffering and hes NEVER ill.

The question is in that situation would you still of cared for the child? and are my policies too leanient (sp)

15-03-2009, 10:36 PM
I only exclude children if they are ill in terms of a high temp or d&v. Coughs and colds are rife at certain ages and i think you can't really guard against them.. The kids need some illness to boost the imune system and i don't think it would go down well with my customers if i excluded coughs and colds.

If a child is really ill then the parent would normally not want to leave them anyway. If D&V then 48 hours of no eruptions is standard before they come back.

Pudding Girl
15-03-2009, 10:48 PM
If I excluded for common coughs and colds I'd never work! :clapping:
As long as they are well and able to participate in things then it's fine.

48 hrs after last ep of D&V and the usual ones for all the others as per the guidance.

15-03-2009, 11:00 PM
Im not sure you can exclude for cough's and colds. If i did that, like george, i would never be working. My mindee's alway's seem to have a cough and cold at the min, and me and my dp keep catching it ourselves.lol
My policies are practically the same as your's.
Hope your son is better soon though.

16-03-2009, 07:28 AM
I only would exclude the child if they had a temp.

Last week my 17mth mindee who comes for only 4 hours arrived fine but with a cough and she said the dr thinks its asthma as he has a rattly chest but they are just observing him, after his nap and by 1pm he had a temp but couldnt get hold of mum she had left work and was on her way I knew she would be here by 1.20 so just kept him cool, took his temp and waited, when she came I offered her the calpol!

Having used a childminder who took my children with colds and coughs I would do the same. Two of my own children had permenant colds in winter and if she had said no then they would never have gone to her.

16-03-2009, 10:10 AM
no i wouldnt exclude for coughs and colds, as you all say they all have them.

Im not sure what the minded child ACTUALLY had, as my son has more of a sore throat and high temp, i will find out by this afternoon.

Some of my parents would say they have a high temp due to teething, which can sometimes be true, one parent said her son was teething and thats why he had a temp, but she didnt actually tell me he had an ear infection and was on antiboitics!!! so after the threw up i sent him home.

I will make sure that all my parents know if they have a temp regardless then im not to have them. They dont care if they send them ill.