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24-02-2009, 11:26 AM
we have just had our drive way paved, I can get about 5 cars on my front
and I live on the main road to the village

the contractor doing it said I should put this through the business
as 'off road parking'

never crossed my mind before

has anyone else done this ?????

24-02-2009, 12:47 PM
bumping up for you hun

i cant anwer it sorry x

hectors house
24-02-2009, 12:58 PM
Sorry - i think that if you check with the tax office they will say that by providing the extra off road parking you have increased the value of your house.

I know people who have put a conservatory onto their house specifically for childminding and they have been told they can only claim for the children's furniture and toy storage as after they have finished childminding they will still have a conservatory.

Contact the small business advisor at your local tax office - I got them to agree to me paying my 13 year old daughter £10 a week for tidying up the toys and cleaning each day - when basically I do it anyway and the £10 goes toward her keyboard lesson. - So that is £520 a year I don't pay tax on!!

My oestopath told me to claim for treatment for my bad shoulder though and writes me out a full receipt as she said if I didn't have the treatment I wouldn't be able to work and if I had a normal job where I could take time off for appointments without having to lug double buggies and toddlers with me, I could get physio free on the NHS - but they don't work Saturdays and evenings and my Oestopath does!

Enjoy your new drive anyway - just ask the parents not to park on it if they may have an oil leak.

25-02-2009, 09:38 AM

I too was a bit gobsmacked about using it in my accounts,
the guy who laid it said his accountant counted his and he
has only one employee...thats his son in law who never parks
on his 'off road' parking anyway.

I guess accountants are a good thing but it sounds like we
have some pretty good ones on this forum,

25-02-2009, 10:32 AM
I think its always wise to check with the tax office because virtually everything can be linked to 'if I didn't do this job' but this isn't always how the tax office thinks.