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05-02-2009, 08:59 PM
I have been looking after my neighbours lo(5) since xmas when her cm went on maternity, now this was only ever a temp thing until someone who picks up from her school (currently picked up from her ds who is 15) had a space, anyway she works from home so her older son pick hims up drops him here then goes to his house, mindee can see her car then to top it of her bf comes around with his dd's and they play in the garden :angry: so as you can imagine it has not been an easy job keeping him happy.

Dad and mum have a terrible relationship and hate each other and as i have found out both like to throw comments at me about each other, 2 weeks ago mindee got really upset as his garden and toys were being used by the bf kids, dad was picking up at this point and has presumed its because he does not like coming here, obviously i knew why but did not want to get involved in who mum has at home, got a call from mum yesterday saying dad wants him removed from here etc and i just said fine it was only temp blah blah no problem.

Got a text this afternoon to say sorry change of plan E is coming tonight i am ignoring dad.....erm hello you removed him yesterday :eek: !!!!

I let him come tonight as i was not texting her my reply then told her i would no longer be available to look after her lo when she arrived.

I was never 100% happy to look after a neighbours child and next time i wont!!!

Sorry it turned into a rant

Chatterbox Childcare
05-02-2009, 09:01 PM
Good on you for following up on your beliefs.