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04-02-2009, 10:57 PM
Not sure if there are any Lincoln based childminders on here but i thought it would be the best place to ask as you all seem so friendly and i know you all know your stuff!

So if there are any Lincoln minders on would you be interested in having a very enthusiastic, friendly, generally brilliant (and modest!:) ) student (i.e. - me!) helping you out for approximately 5 weeks in a couple of months time. I am looking for my last placement and as this is what i really want to do when i finish college, id love to see what its really like on the front line as it were:) it doesnt require a lot of work on your part honestly just signing a few pieces of paper and letting me help you out in all the things you would usually do. I am fully CRB'd and have already done placements in a school, tweenie/pre school nursery and a baby room so have quite a bit of experience. Anyway if you think you may be interested PM me and il give you all the details (you can still feel free to say no!)

Anyway i would really appreciate your help :) please please please :)