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30-01-2009, 02:22 PM
hello girls im in a right mood coz today i had a little 1 yrs old come and brother who is 2.5 yrs.they r my fulltimers.well at 7.15 am.mum said oww she got a chest infection and is on meds.i didnt have the little girl yesterday coz she had a dress fitting for her wedding only had the little boy .said owww right well i see how she goes today and that was that.mum works as a career in old peoples homes.and at 9am was at the ladys house next door to me.baby had been crying and mum coulld her her.walls r thin in this street.she txt and said is she ok.i said cant settle her but she ok not ill just on my hip all day.next thing get a txt my mum will pick her up now.the nanna came and was saying this is stupid whats the point in them being here if as soon as there ill i dont have them.was taken back and said i havent said nothing she is ill but all is ok.she took the baby and the little boy the childrens mum was next door came runing out the house screeming at her mum.then came in 2 me and said she was sorry but her mum doesnt like it when the kids r ill. and i dont have them.now i have never rang them to pick up little boy form illness or anything .and 3 times i have had 2 ask them 2 pick the baby up because 1 time she had ear infection.then she was very conctapated and another time was at christmas time when she had a really bad cold and temp and i couldnt get the temp down. think i been fair with mum had them when they been ill and may b i shouldnt have but im a fair person .well when the mum went i burst in 2 teirs and husband has said this is not fair the way the parents r this is all 2 much he works nights so has 3 days off in the week so does see the little 1 quiet a bit and does see what i have 2 put up with from all the parents.not all of them r bad but at times they allways want me to do more than i need to and i admit i do alot for them but never get a thank u. sorry this is so long but i just dont know what 2 do .i feel what happens if a child is bad do i ring the parents??? even in this case i didnt ring them she just heard her daughter crying.helpppppp

30-01-2009, 02:32 PM
Right, don't feel bad

An ill child belongs at home in the comfort of their home. Its not fair on you or any other children if you are having to cope with an ill child.

What happens between the mum and nanna is their business so don't take it to heart. Perhaps you need a chat with mum, explaining that all this has made you feel bad, and explain what you have done here. Add in that you wouldn't call the mum for no reason and each time has been for a genuine reason (for the baby).

If I am reading this right, the nanna seems to think the children shouldn't be with you, especially if they are under the weather? Well thats nannas problem and for her to sort out with mum. Its mum you have a contract with.

By the sounds of it, mum is the one who has made the descision for nanna to pick up the children??? Well, again not your problem (just make sure you charge your normal rate).

Have a chat with mum and smooth out these problems and explain your position in all of this, including not being made to feel uncomfortable in your own home by her or anyone else (nanna)

30-01-2009, 02:48 PM
I agree with pip

You are right to send the children home if they are ill

Dont let them make you feel guilty

Good luck

Angel xx

31-01-2009, 01:18 PM
thank u.but havent heard from them and i have this week off coz im sorting my wedding out .so time to calm down and see what i can sort out .