View Full Version : Is it worth me buying a 7 seater car??

26-01-2009, 10:10 AM
Hi just wondering if any1 can give me any ideas? Me my partner and daughter are hoping to move 2 miles away to be in the cachtment area for the school we want our daughter to go to. We wont be moving for another 9-12 months as money is tight but if we move it will mean i loose all the children i look after as they all go to the school near us at the moment. I was wondering if any1 thinks it would be best for me to get a 7 seater so i can do both school runs or should i start all over and take children near the school we are moving to. Only problem being we will have to pay our morgage and live off my partners income untill i get more children.
Has any1 been in this situation as i really dont no whats best to do. I no its ages away yet but its really buggin me!!