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29-01-2008, 11:07 AM
I have worked for the nhs for 7 years and are on un paid maturnity leave now.Before l had my son l went on a introduction session to childminding but decided to not take it any futher it all seemed alot to take in and l was due to have ivf.What l want to know is that l know there are fees to pay out but can you really earn an income from this and what if you dont get any children.Its a big step to give up my job so just quite nervous:eek


29-01-2008, 11:15 AM
Hi Tara
I am currently without children & its hard!!! :panic:

I would say that if you are in a position that you can work & have childcare for your son to work until you have a child/chilren lined up. This way you are assured an income. Alot on here at the mo are struggling as they have no children & are looking at alternative jobs until they get set up.

At the end of the day its upto you - on our introduction session we were warned that it can be a long prosess & to carry on working as long as poss!


29-01-2008, 11:33 AM
I started minding in Dec '07 and currently have one permanent full-time baby and a temporary full-time 3 year old. I'm only just managing financially but will be back in the red when the 3 year old leaves. I've had hardly any phone calls, although I have advertising in place. I'd advise you to try to get some mindees lined up before quitting your job unless you can manage on hubby's income alone. The financial rewards can be good but obviously only if you have mindees :D

Good luck whatever you decide to do.

29-01-2008, 12:11 PM
Hi Tara and welcome!

Yes there are some fees to pay out - but most areas have grants to help you set up and go through the registration process, so there is some help.

The benefits, for me, being at home all day and there for my own children, far outweight the negatives... but that's personal and if you don't get work it can be very hard - I know there are a few new minders on here without children.

I would do some research in your local area - maybe ring a few local minders, and find out the situation first... then check with your CIS and see if there is a start-up grant available.

Talk soon x :D

29-01-2008, 05:35 PM
Hi ya, Tara,
Welcome to the forum.
I hope it goes ok for you. I suppose it can be hard if you have been used to having money coming in. I haven't worked for the past 2 years due to my kids so I am in no hurry to earn, but it would be hard if I was relying on the money.

Good luck advertising,

29-01-2008, 06:31 PM

I agree with Sarah, talk to local minders to see how busy they are. I have been registered since the end of september and my mindees started in January, so quite a long time...but the phone hasnt stopped ringing since the beginning of the year!
But it does depend on the area you are in and how much childminders charge.


29-01-2008, 06:57 PM
hi tara,

well yes you can make a living from childminding, but the only thing is your job is only secured as much as the parents of your mindees, so you dont have the security of a definate wage as you would on paye, the other thing is that work can be dry sometimes, i dont know about anyone else but i'm finding that i'm getting no enquiries at all at the moment and i've still vacancies to fill so i'm not earning as much as i potentially could be!

But! If you want to work to help pay a few bills do something which fits into your current day to day routine and actually like children then it could be the job for you!! How you market yourself for work is entirely up to you, i get most of my enquires through other childminders and the cis (childrens information service) website, so well worth getting to know the other minders in your area and to add your details to the cis. The actual fees for registering isnt too expensive, but you will need to complete your icp and first aid which initally will have to pay for, but you maybe able to apply for a grant to reimburse your costs once your registered.

The other great thing is that we get lots of training made available and busaries etc from your council, so i plan to use this time to gain as much as i can, when my youngest goes to school in three years time i hopefully would of gained an nvq level 3 in childcare and that will be my passport to apply for jobs in schools / nurseries which would tie in perfectly with my children. I see childminding as my stepping stone to go on and do what i've always wanted to do!

It is hardwork, very demanding but is enjoyable and rewarding!!

good luck xx

29-01-2008, 07:10 PM
Thanks every one when l went to school this afdernoon to pick up my daughter l said to some mums that im going to become a child care provider and they were interested.One of them is a teacher partime she said to become linked to the school.So feeling a bit better.

30-01-2008, 03:52 PM

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Childminding is profitable as long as you have mindess to look after, Your start up costs dont have to be that much, you can be careful and only buy the essentials. I could not go to work somewhere and earn the wage I earn because i'd be paying childcare for my daughter. This way I pay no childcare and earn good money and im my own boss. There are a lot of perks to childminding but you will also find some downsides - the good bits make up for those though


05-02-2008, 09:06 PM
Any progress on this Tara.

Have you decided what to do?

06-02-2008, 09:25 AM
Hey, i started childminding in 05, i worked really hard before my inspection to make a prospectous for parents on what i offered started policys and procedures and put all safety precautions in place. Inspector was really nice and was only here for 20 mins so i was happy. all was fine.

When you get registered you get your ncma boxfree this comes with the essentials account book, register, medical book thing, books on childminding ect. our council give you £50 vouchers for toys from elc and £50 mothercare for safety stuff as well asfirst yrs insurace and membership with ncma free. All i had to pay for was my registration certificate and that was £10 and first aid course was also free

Now after this one pay ouy from council each year you have to pay to renew all... refresher for first aid is £12, ncma insureance and member ship is £62, ofsted registration at mo is £15 but they are looking to increase for sept 08. then if you need all ya books renewed ie accounts, register ect you buy these from ncma shop members get a discount. Also being a childminder you get a 10% discount card for elc whichis handy.

I finally got certificate in sept 05 and got my first mindie in the jan 06 doing three full days gettin 140 a week, since then i have always had atleast one child earning minof £80 a wekk and the most i have had was 4 children on books earning £370 a week which was great while it lasted.

Hope this helps but i also know childminders who have been registered for 2 yrs with no mindies ata ll!

06-02-2008, 02:02 PM
I also worked for the NHS for 20 years before giving up in 2006 to start childminding. I don't know what you do, but could you sign up to do bank/agency work meantime until you are fully up and running? I did a weekend night shift a week until I started and it worked out well. Have now got 3 full timers and no longer need to do extra shifts.

A x