View Full Version : Daily Diary for a 3 year old

03-01-2009, 02:59 PM
I've a 3 year old boy starting on Tuesday where he will be with me Monday to Friday before and after school - 3/4 hour in the morning and hour at my setting after school.
Just wondering what type of thing you would record in a diary. At the moment, my before schoolers watch TV for half hour (their choice) then after school - TV again or arts and crafts (ages are 10, 9, 6 & 5). After school (get home at 4.00pm), I'm in the kitchen getting tea on the table for 5.00pm. I'm already prepped as I don't have children during school hours so i'm overseeing everything and there isn't anything they can help me with.
Although the Mum is a Head of Year 7, she isn't overly fussed about polices, diary etc but I know I have to do this. I've already told the Mum that if she wanted 1:1 care then I can't offer that. She is fine with this as just wants her son to be safe and happy.
I'm just fretting over what to record. Any ideas?

03-01-2009, 03:13 PM
You are looking to complement what's going on elsewhere.

For recording, I would do a normal diary that goes back and forth and encourage comments from parents.

Just note what he's done / eaten / said etc quickly, nothing too complicated for that age child.

For his learning journey, you need to be thinking about a quick photo obs every few weeks and some next steps. Link it to the things he enjoys eg Lego, playing with cars.

Make contact with the other setting and find out what he does there. Get any comments you can fed back into your paperwork.

That's all I can think of just now ... hope he settles well :D