View Full Version : over nightcare?

31-12-2008, 02:42 PM
i am considering registering for overnight care but havent got a clue where to start or what to do.
at the moment my upstairs is not registered except for one room which is registered for children to sleep in during the day, obviously i would need to register the toilet upstairs but what about our other rooms?
also what else would i need to do, do you have to have a normal bed/cot up for the children or can u use travel cots and fold up or blow up beds.
do i need to have special fire alarms linked to the fire station or have the fire officer have a check on my house?
Also do i need any extra policeys to cover me for anything?

31-12-2008, 03:19 PM
I would contact Ofsted on Monday - they will take you through all the requirements.

08456 404040

I think they'd probably want to visit you as well.

Good luck! :D

31-12-2008, 04:21 PM
I do overnight care. I have my whole house registered so that makes it easier to start with.
I have a bedroom for overnighters with proper bed or a cot. Baby monitor, room thermometer, locks on cupboards and wardrobe, basically as you would for any small child's safety. I also have wired in smoke detectors and a burglar alarm. Didn't need to have the fire services over or be linked to the fire station.

I have overnight policies which the parents have to sign. Bathing, sleeping arrangements, emergency procedures, emergency contacts. I also make a profile up of the child's sleeping habits/patterns/routines/favourite teddy, comforter they like to take to bed. Overnight care is slightly different to daycare as the needs of the children are obviously different.

I actually find overnight care easier than day care but it's probably because I have been lucky in having a good sleeper!