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29-12-2008, 11:01 AM
i wanted to do some sort of long term plan to show how i am putting the eyfs principles into practice however I'm now totally confused after doing some research on the internet! What do you guys do?

i've seen some sort of plan with the four principles listed and info about how the setting does things ie welcome new children - i saw this in my local playgroup and thought great! but now i've realised i only caught a glance and have no idea how to replicate it!

on the internet i found some sheets about continuous provision but i can't use these either as they are because i constantly change my provision as i only have a small house! i always have one type of each provision but it changes usually monthly.

i've also seen a long term plan which is basically a list of topics but i can't see that that's enough info.

please someone help i'm soooo confused!!

29-12-2008, 11:13 AM
There are 2 sorts of long term planning...

1. Long term plans which show how you are intending to meet the principles of the Eyfs...

So you would think about each principle and write what you think you are going to be doing through the year.

I think this might be what you have seen at your local place. Eg

1.3 - Keeping safe - I intend to

- take part in Beep beep road safety campaign;

- Write up new risk assessments involving parents and children;

- Update my health & safety policy;

- Replace worn fencing;

... that sort of thing.

2. Long term plans that show the themes you are intending to follow through the next year... and why!!

So, you might have...

December 2008

Wk 1 - group planning

Winter activities - to complement planning from xxx Playgroup;

Wk 1 - individual planning

Christmas card & tree bauble making for J & S - follow activities at other settings and J & S's homes;

Hanukkah card making & online driedel game for M - to follow activities from M's home.


Then, when the time comes to plan, you look at how each activity meets the Eyfs 6 areas of learning and development.

This is your short term planning. You will also tweak things to meet the individual needs of the child - M might not like making cards but enjoy making collages; J might not want to do baubles but will happily stick pasta to make a wreath...

I've done a new e-book about continuous provision... it's basically about looking at everything you cover and showing how it meets the Eyfs. You don't need to do them all at once, you can take months to put a folder together.

Does that help? :D

29-12-2008, 11:16 AM
Forgot to say... this is a good planning thread -