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25-01-2008, 11:45 AM
All the parents I have seen this week have asked if I attend toddler groups.

At the moment I dont although I do have my name down on 2 lists.

I am not eager to join any just yet as DD and M both sleep 10 - 12 everyday and both the local groups are in the mornings.

So far, I have just told parents that I am waiting for a place but I will offer arts & crafts, singing, etc here in the meantime. One Mum was fine about this but Im not sure about the other as her baby currently attends groups with her current minder.

I also do go to the library for storytime, walks to the park, the lake to feed the ducks, etc and I have friends over who have other kids and also go to their houses sometimes ( although not with any mindees as yet!) so I dont feel that Ella is missing out by not attending at the moment.

Does everyone here attend toddler groups regularly?

I just feel that I dont want to disrupt Ellas (or M) routine and she has to be my main priority or am I being selfish?!

25-01-2008, 11:52 AM
TBH, I never have really attended any toddler sessions on a regular basis - I have never found one that I felt comfortable at BUT (funny this thread should pop up now) I have at last found one that I (and the kids) are happy at and think i shall be attending quite reguarly. Its quite a small group and hallejuah I am the only minder down there!!!! And I know some of the parents. There is no clique going on which is bliss.

25-01-2008, 11:54 AM
i do attend groups but that's only because the routine has fallen around the groups if you see what i mean
you must do what suits you and yours not one parent/child
they may be some groups that meet in the afternoon though i go to one on a thurday aft.

25-01-2008, 11:56 AM
Well, yes, that is one of my worried TBH.

I used to attend the groups I have my name down for when my other children were younger and there was a definate them and us between the minders and non minders ( I was not a minder then!) Some of the minders did tend to let the kids run riot when they sat and chatted. Im not sure where I would fit in Lol but I would go for the childrens sake if it fitted in!

25-01-2008, 11:57 AM
I do not go to any

Angel xx

25-01-2008, 12:01 PM
There isnt one all that local in the afternoon that I have found ajs. DD1 gets in from school at 2.30pm so need to be home by then too! But I will keep looking......

Im pleased you said you dont go to any Angel, it obviously hasnt stopped you getting any business!

The other thing is that I could have 2 x 17 months and a 12 month old. I dont actually feel confident that I could keep an eye on them all 100% of the time while we were there. It is differant at home as I know all my toys are safe and there are no other kids about if you know what I mean!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
25-01-2008, 12:11 PM

I actually attend 2 one on a Monday which I help fun with two other childminding friends and then one on a Thursday, but if my other cm friends didn't go to the one on a Thursday then I wouldn't go TBH.

Only ever had one parent ask if I go to toddler group never been a problem before.

Lorraine xx

25-01-2008, 12:48 PM
I go to two, a Welsh one and and English one. Only take my son at the moment but will continue to go when my new mindees start. The Welsh one is really good as I speak very little Welsh so it helps the children aswell as me. The English one feeds the playgroup that then feeds the school that my son will go to so he is making friends that will be with him all through school. Didn't really like how this one was run so got myself on the committee and sorted it!!!

It really is personal choice but tbh I go for myself as much as the children. I like the adult company and as we are able to utilise all the playgroup toys it means ds can play on bikes, cars and other things he could not do at home.

Don't see any reason why it should stop parents sending their children to you!

amanda xx

25-01-2008, 12:59 PM
I try to get to singing group every Thursday if the child on that day is in a good mood and not over-tired - or it gets silly!

At the moment, I don't regularly go to any others... but if I do start to feel a bit isolated, I know when they all are, just in case I want to pop out :D

25-01-2008, 12:59 PM
I attend morning toddler groups but there's loads of things I can't do in the afternoons because my son's nap is about 1.30 to 3.30 and I won't disturb that because he needs it. I've always been very strict about sticking to his routine and people just have to go along with it or use someone else. My boy comes first as far as this is concerned.

25-01-2008, 01:06 PM
I go to three a week where I meet up with my other cm friends , but I also play it by ear so-to-speak if we don't feel like going or the weather is bad ( or really good ) then we find something else to do. A few years ago I got a lot of stick from other minders, who like to be out every morning, if I didn't go for a week or two but i've learned to ignore them. I do like to have some adult company but sometimes it's nice to just be at home with the children.

25-01-2008, 01:29 PM
I go to activities every morning of the week bar Thursdays. I only go to an actual toddler group once a week though. I work 12 hour days so if I didnt go out in the morning A) I would get very lonely. B) I havent got the energies to entertain my lot for 12 hours a day. C) We have home based activities in the afternoon.
This is great for me because it gives me and the kids a routine, we are out socialising with other adults/children and are doing things I wouldnt be doing at home. If I was sending my child to a minder I would look for someone who did something similar.


25-01-2008, 01:32 PM
I went for about 2 years without going to any because of naptimes and the times mindees were being dropped off/collected. Nobody seemed to mind, and I know other childminders who never go to any and they are full. We have plenty of "change of scene" outings to parks, libraries etc. The one parent I have who is over the moon whenever we go to toddlers was equally delighted with recent outings to a market and a toy shop. (cleaner toys and nearly as many out for playing with than at our toddlers lol).

I think toddler groups are great for for children to get used to the bustle of busier environments, being with strange children etc and I'd hate for a child to start preschool or school without having that experience. But we have to consider the needs of all the children in our care, I don't go when a child's nap co-incides with the session times. I'm going this afternoon but only cos the baby who would normally be napping is off sick.

If parents specifically ask for their child to go to a particular group and I can fit it around the current mindees needs then I have in the past charged parents the cost of entrance, having made clear to parents that I will have to stop going if, at some point the group is no longer suitable for mindees in my care with regard to their parent's wishes, their development and needs. But usually I pay the admission and only go as and when it suits me.


25-01-2008, 02:10 PM
tue - AM childminding toddler group
wed - PM village toddler group
thur - AM first in month library story time
PM every week library craft
fri - AM indoor play area with friends

but parents were happy enough before when i didn't do any of these, i just like to get out of the house and not be here 8-6 every day

25-01-2008, 03:24 PM

I run a toddler group 2 days a week. This group is for childminders, carers and parents.

As it is quite a small group we are all really friendly and chat with each other. in fact I have known many of the ladies for quite a few years now.

Some time ago the group used to have a large number of minders but at the moment there are more mum's or nan's that come to the group. In fact Mandy (nannan) and I were the only 2 childminders there until recently until I enticed Voni to come and join us.

I also belong to 2 other childminder only groups that I don't attend regulary just every now and again - I quite enjoy them too.

I find that the children love them as they get the opportunity to go and play with their 'friends' and to play with toys that I don't have at home. i also get some adult company which keeps me sane too!!!

25-01-2008, 04:39 PM
i go toddlers once a week Friday pm they do am as well but i have 3 year old am he goes nursery pm so i take him to nursery the take 15 month and 2 year old to toddlers they love nice small group everyone is very friendly i have never seen another minder there.
I go cm group once a month