View Full Version : First Inspection coming up...little help please

23-12-2008, 10:52 PM
I just have a couple of questions.......

1) I have done my Long, Medium and Short plans but I dont know how to link them with the EYFS. Can I just cross reference the criteria with my plans??

2) I keep reading that everyone is grouping/evidencing the 5 outcomes. How are you all doing this??

Thankyou xx

24-12-2008, 09:26 AM
There is lots of advice about planning on the Eyfs cd... this is a useful document -


You start with the child... see what the child enjoys and wants to do... then you plan appropriate activities which you know the child will find interesting and challenging.

So if you are thinking about Christmas and you have a sensory learner, you will look at ways to stimulate the child by eg putting Christmas smells in the playdough and making mince pies together...

Your long term planning will just be an overview of the things you intend to include throught the year... celebrations, festivals etc.

I don't have medium term any more because I find it's repeated in short.

Short term planning is specific to the children like I have described above. Your aim is to ensure a range of activities to meet the 6 areas of learning and development.

Does that help?

With the Every Child Matters outcomes, have a nosey at my website, I have 5 pages set out with what I do :D