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Buzz Lightyear
21-01-2008, 12:01 PM

I'm a newbie and am just finding my feet with all this so please bear with me. Not even sure I'm in the right section for posting - sorry!!

So a bit about me. I'm pregnant and our baby is due in May. I'm really excited about having a baby, first one and already feel so much love for Bumble and he / she's not even here yet.

I work full time and I'm planning on working right up to a Friday when Bumble's due date is the Monday. I know it's a long time but it then gives me longer with Bumble after he / she is born and means I wont come back to work until the third week in May 2009!!

The thing is, the thought of having to return back to work is really worrying me and it's all I ever think about. We'd have to send Bumble to either a nursery or a childminder for 2 days or so as MIL has offered to have it one day and I'm going to request part-time hours with work which hopefully will give me 2 days off. I know going to nursery or a childminder for 2 days isn't too bad but the whole thought is just horrible.

My mother sent me to a childminder as a kid and I hated it and vowed never to do that to my own children.

Sooooo.... I've been looking into becoming a childminder! I've read a lot about it and received information from my council and have enrolled on an introductory course which takes me to the next stage. It all seems to be my best option in terms of looking after my own baby and still earn good money by looking after other children also.

I'd love to hear from anyone who's currently going through the process or has just finished and see how easy / hard you found starting up. It's something I'm really interested in doing as the thought of someone else looking after my baby is killing me and Bumble's not even here yet!!

Thanks if you've got this far!!


21-01-2008, 12:04 PM
There are lots of members here in the same postition as yourself I am sure they will all tell you how they are finding it

Also if you go to the lounge you will see a section for forum babies if you want to join in the chat there also

Just out of interest why did you not like your childminder when you were a child ?

Angel xx

21-01-2008, 12:08 PM
welcome ellibee
me too i just had my baby and dreaded the thought of going back to work so have just finished my icp its fairly staright forward but if you get stuck theres lots of people to talk to here and give you a helping hand i think with you not liking your childminder my oldest daughter went to a childminder and she loved it because a friend from her school went to the same one and it ment they could spend more time together after school there now best friends be prepared the hard work will begin soon but untill then good luck hope to chat to you soon:)

Buzz Lightyear
21-01-2008, 12:39 PM
Just out of interest why did you not like your childminder when you were a child ?

Angel xx

Hi Angel,

The fact is, I was passed from pillar-to-post with various childminders as a child right the way up to my teens. I never enjoyed being there as I was quite shy. I would have given anything for my mum or dad to have taken me to school like my friends had. Just didn't find any of the experience enjoyable :(

21-01-2008, 01:40 PM
Hi and welcome!

It's a pity you weren't happy with your minder... wish you'd come to me, we'd have had fun! Have a good look around - there are lots of pieces of advice for registering etc.

Talk soon x :D