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Heaven Scent
16-09-2008, 01:39 PM
I'm not sure if I am putting this in the correct place put could do with some advice over something that came to light this morning - I'm having a day of it really - have another post in Full members area.

I mentioned in another post about having a call from a police station in another nearby town to say that someone had made a claim that I bumped into their car at one of the schools I collect from in the evenings - anyway between one thing and another they didn't have a leg to stand on and policee closed the case after just a few hours following several phone calls.

Well I was speaking to another Childminder at another playgroup I collect from at lunchtime all about it and she suggested I should report him to my insurance company. Then this morning when I dropped R off the other minder said she had some gossip for me and I was stunned by what she had said.

The playgroup is run by a lot of older women who are very nosey, bossy and set in their ways and one of these old biddies took my friend to one side and asked her what she was talking to me about she said she's overheard some of the conversation and said that since the case of Victoria Climbie it was her duty to know if any child is at risk and that if R had had an accident that wasn't reported while she was in my care then she needed to know about it.

I'm tempeted to write to the chairperson of the Committee and complain about this woman - surely if she has a worry about a child in our joint care then she should speak to me and the parents of the child -NOT another local childminder. What would you all do and if you would write or say anything who would you address it to and what would you say?

I just cannot believe the cheek of her - she needs to be stopped - How dare she gossip about me in this way. I want her to know that she is probably in breech of her settings confidentially and child protection policy by discussion and naming me and the child in that way and if she has a query regarding me or the child she should speak directly to me.

I admit I don't have much time to hang around talking when at the setting as I'm usually rushing to cook dinner or take another child to toddler group or whatever, buit she could make arrangements to speak to me at a convenient time.

All suggestions greatly appreciated.

16-09-2008, 01:48 PM

She has breached confidentiality quite seriously...

The group should have a committee... I would write and make a complaint to the Chair.

If the other childminder will do a letter for you that would help as well.

it's not something I would report to Ofsted unless the police follow it through... not sure about your insurance company, maybe worth a phone call...

Hope you are feeling ok ... xx

Heaven Scent
16-09-2008, 01:54 PM
I'm not worried about the accusation from the driver at the aftrnoon pick up just mentioned that to illustrate what the other minder and I were talking about.

I don't think other minder would writre a letter as she went to that PG herself when she was little and she takes her daughter and little girl there plus all of her work comes from that school and PG and quite honestly I wouldn't want her to put all that at risk.

I am just a bit worried it will affect the mindee's position if I make a fuss about it - would you mention it to the parents?

16-09-2008, 02:06 PM
What would you tell parents?

That there's been an untrue allegation made against you...?

You wouldn't want them to hear it from someone else.

It all seems a bit daft doesn't it really... someone has said something but it's not true and now someone has overheard something about it and is making it worse than it was but it's not true anyway...

The only truth you could possibly tell parents without getting all tangled up is... someone said you'd bumped a car, they reported it to the police, you clearly didn't bump the car, the police have gone away happy... and that's the end of it...

The rest is small town gossip and boredom which breeds nasty flapping ears.

Write it all down though C, you never know if someone will make a malicious call.

Oh what a nonsense :(

Heaven Scent
16-09-2008, 02:50 PM
What the auld biddy was trying to imply or got from ear wigging into our conversation and taking 1+1 and getting 50,000,000 is that R had an accident at my hours - some sort of bad one that I should have reported and I didn't and she was going to make it her business to report it - this is what has made me soooo very very cross and the fact if she rhought this why she didn't discuss it with me - it had nothing to do with the alleged bump except it was that which we were talking about and neither her name nor any other child I mind was mentioned in the conversation - now do you see - I'm sorry if I didn't make myself very clear but I was trying to squeez two new threads into a very short space of time while feeling frustrated with the other mum about her arrangements for Thurs and angry with this silly auld biddy with regard to this.

Heaven Scent
16-09-2008, 02:53 PM
I'm sorrry the letter E is not working properly on my New Laptop and I'm going to have to take it back soon because its driving me mad and I have to go back an put the E's into loads of words as I'm typing and then I lose my train of thought and write a load of rubbish.

17-09-2008, 07:19 AM
Celine I'd be furious and would probably confront the playgroup worker. Having said that I know it would be the wrong thing to do :blush:

I agree that writing a letter to the chair stating breach of confidentiality,child protection policy and asking what action will be taken would be your best plan.

Heaven Scent
17-09-2008, 11:45 AM
Thanks for the suggestions its giving me the boost to be brave enough to do something about this.

I did tell the father of LO that a member of staff there had discussed their child with an adult not connected with her - he didn't sem bothred but I am.

She was just being nosey as no childs name was ever mentioned in the conversation let alone R and this is why I am soooo angry.

Now the other childminder and I are becomming very naughty when speaking infront of the staff at pick up and drop off time. We say all sorts of silly stuff about picking up blackberrries in the park and what risks are involved and we got really silly and someone suggested that I should taste them before taking the childrn to pick them and if I got poisoned then it wouldn't be safe for the children to have them - I replied that I couldn't do that because I'd get a letter of complaint from parents because I couldn't open due to the fact that I'd died from eating said blackberries. - Lets see what gets fed back.

I personally wouldn't let children eat wild fruit because I don't know whats safe and whats not - comes from being brought up in the city. But other minder would let them and did yesterday thats how it came up but we are now adding the shock element to see what comes back to us through others.