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Chatterbox Childcare
15-09-2008, 08:54 PM
Ouch what an age and who would want them - not me!!!

I read on a thread today that we have to provide EYFS to the age of 17. Surely this is wrong?

Can anyone throw any light on this?

A very confused

15-09-2008, 08:56 PM
I thnk its' only 31st August after they turn 5

15-09-2008, 08:58 PM
That's what I thought too!!

Chatterbox Childcare
15-09-2008, 08:59 PM
I thought so too but a posting from Sarah said otherwise

Can you imagine it. It is bad enough with my 16 year old man in child shoes..

16-09-2008, 07:11 AM
The Eyfs is for all children from birth up to the age of 17...

The learning and development requirements are for children up to the end of reception class at school.

After the end of reception class, the rest of the Eyfs - the Principles - are still relevant.

Each child is still unique, needs strong relationships, enabling environments and holistic learning and develpoment.

At this age, there are no prescriptive Learning and develpoment requirements for Childminders ... this is all covered in school.

The Childcare act 2006 sets out the following duties...

- duties on local authorities to improve outcomes for children and to ensure access to information about provision in their area
- legal frameworks for the regulation and inspection of provision for children from birth to age 17
- a framework for the delivery of quality integrated care and education for children from birth to the 31 August following their fifth birthday – the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

This is clarified in the Ofsted booklet - Are you ready for your inspection? -


16-09-2008, 12:20 PM
So does that mean I have to do the same observations, book filling and planning for after schools as well as my little ones, when I get some :laughing:

(First actual ICP tonight!)

16-09-2008, 01:19 PM
The learning and development requirements only refer to children up to the age of end of reception...

After then the Principles of the Eyfs are still a legal requirement.

How would you plan for a 7 year old if you didn't watch to see what he was interested in?

How would you know what a 9 year old's allergies were if you didn't follow the Principle of the Eyfs 1.4 'Health and wellbeing'?

How would you find out about best practice when caring for a 7 year old child with disabilities if you didn't have Principle 2.2 Inclusive practice to guide you?

How would you know what is expected when dealing with parents if you didn't read Principle 2.2 'parents as partners' to show you the way?

The Govt wants to be sure that all children receive equal care and that good practice is followed throughout childcare settings... and according to the Convention on teh Rights of a Child, a child covers from birth to 18.


We have been given the Principles of the Eyfs to follow... it's a good thing because we know exactly what is expected of us when Ofsted come to call... we hope. :rolleyes:

Don't forget, with your letter about registers, there are extra obligations for older children... lots of threads around the forum on these.

Hope this clarifies :D