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12-09-2008, 10:58 PM
One of my lo's finished on monday as her mum has stopped working, the next day the lo who is taking her place came, the mum gave me her forms - and when I looked they both had exactly the same birthday!!, just two years apart. Must be meant to be.

12-09-2008, 11:22 PM
Thats strange.

13-09-2008, 12:28 AM
Very ha

Angel xx

13-09-2008, 07:07 AM
How bizarre!

Like you said, maybe it was meant to be!

13-09-2008, 07:14 AM
That is eerie, at least you shouldn't forget their birthday :D

Carol xx

13-09-2008, 07:14 AM
Oh well at least you don't have to remember another birthday date!

Miffy xx

Chatterbox Childcare
13-09-2008, 09:04 AM

Sometimes things happen for a reason - maybe its so your calendar doesn't get messy with birth dates!

13-09-2008, 09:11 AM
How wierd!:)

13-09-2008, 11:19 AM
Lol - spooky. one of my LOs has the same birth date as me.... only the 2nd person I've met in my life who I've known to have the same birthday....

13-09-2008, 11:30 AM
Thats spooky

Nicki L
13-09-2008, 05:26 PM
very spooky!

13-09-2008, 06:46 PM
weird! good job it's not the same name too!!!!!!!!!!!

Heaven Scent
13-09-2008, 06:47 PM
There are loads of same birthdays and anniversary dates in common in both my husbands and my families - its really strange.

I've only ever met one person with the same birthday as me and that was a little girl in my sons class in his first school - whe was the oldest in the class 1/9 and then eventually in yr 6 the oldest in the school - my DD is the oldest in the school at the moment hers is on 5/9 - my inlaws wedding anniversary was on my birthday.

13-09-2008, 07:28 PM
Thats weird!!

I have a friend with same birthday as me and 3 mindees with birthday in same month.

My mum died last year and i later discovered she died on the same date that her parents married!!! Spooky

16-09-2008, 11:11 PM
me an ex mindee's mum and a current mindees dad all share a birthday. and another mindee's dad is the day before me
miffy and my hubby share a birthday (won't forget it this year mify i promise)
and my youngest share a birthday with a mindee too

16-09-2008, 11:18 PM
I do believe there's something in dates etc...:)

17-09-2008, 07:07 AM
I have 4 new mindees starting next week and the 2 elder ones are both 3 and each called the same name, good job I have them on different days that would be a muddle other wise. Sharon

Heaven Scent
17-09-2008, 11:53 AM
When you think about it there are only 365 days in a year, so we are all bound to share dates with othrs we know especially as we get older and we get to know more and more people. especially if you move about the place

17-09-2008, 12:07 PM
I had my first evening at Icp last night and got chatting to a lady next to me. Subject of kids came up. Turns out both our eldests have the same bday and this is the frist person i have ever come across with his bday in nearly 5 years!

Heaven Scent
17-09-2008, 04:46 PM
I haave another one for you Emma Morris has a son (her first born) with the same name as my first born - also their birthdays are only 4 days apart.