View Full Version : Mindees first day at school

09-09-2008, 09:00 PM
Hi all,

I have a little girl who will be turning 5 in a weeks time started Primary school today,
She was asked to draw what she did in the school holidays and she would only write her name (try too) as thats what mum wanted me to dwith her try to get her to write her name so when she did draw she drew a picture of a big trampoline and her sat on it with a big smile on her face when she wasasked what it was she told her mum and the teacher it was my house i was soo touched made me feel so much better..

Anyway she was given homework first day!!! and mum asked if i would do it with her so she had to write her house number and street name we spent 4hours on the number a name and she got it i was sooo pleased an proud of her an me i didnt think she was goin to get it as she didnt want to do it at all..

So ive sent all the paper she had practiced on home with her for mum to look at but im hoping she will send it back so i can put it in her folder

Anyway thats what i wanted to say
Ive also had 3 enquiries over the past 24hrs im soo pleased