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04-09-2008, 08:48 PM
Sounds daft I know but am running out of ideas of crafty things to do with my 18 month old mindee and 23 month old son. done the obvious ones.. hand prints (suppose I could do foot prints for a change???) play doh, gloop(corn flou and water) Neither are all that keen on colouring as yet... help please.... would like to get a couple of bits lined up for next week.......

04-09-2008, 09:21 PM
messy tray of sand and paint mixed also paste and paint let them just use their hands /fingers to make patterns.

Paint printing with tops of fabric containers "circles" maybe on paper plate

Black card just let them dribble glue to make pattern you can sprinkle glitter on as well or just leave it plain.

Printing with duplo bricks / cotton reels and paint

Large sheet of paper on table put large blobs of different colour paint all over get children to mix colours together make patterns either with hands or combs.


04-09-2008, 09:29 PM
We mainly deal with under 3's at the family centre so I am having a think.

We do lots of things with hand and foot prints - mainly cos they love painting bits of themselves:laughing:
Vegetable printing
Printing with different objects (shape cutters, blocks, leaves, toy cars, balls)
Going for a walk and collecting things then sticking them on paper (did include some sweet wrappers and stuff they picked up too)
Finger paints
sticking pasta shapes and dried pulses
salt dough or cookies (rolling and cutting shapes or moulding)
Bread rolls in hedgehogs or tortoises
Cakes & icing
Chalks (if chalking on paper use haispray to fix)

I'll try and think of some more later

05-09-2008, 06:27 AM
There are loads of ideas here :D





05-09-2008, 06:33 AM
I think you worry to much Jules

Why not do things that you are doing every day anyway and link it to the EYFS?

A lot of people just do not seem to realise that is what they are doing anyway


Collect some resources that the child could build with , for example different sized boxes - cereal boxes - small food boxes

Building bricks - stickle bricks etc etc

Plastic dishes

Anything really that you can stack

You can do this indoors or outdoors

Build a tower yourself with the boxes and encourage the little one to do the same

Let the little one choose what they want to use for their towers

Explain that you are going to knock your tower down , knock it down and say CRASH OR BANG use your hands to make a loud clapping sound - cheer yes !

Encourage the little one to do the same and to make loud noises when the tower falls down

Take it in turns

Talk to the child and help if they need support - explain to them that their tower makes a loud noise when it falls down

Ask them what the tower does when it falls to the floor - does the child copy you ?

See how high the child can build the tower

Keep it simple challenge the child to add specific blocks or bricks to their towers such as , 2 small red bricks etc etc

Easy activity that I bet you do with the child anyway ?

Link it to EYFS

PD - Encourage the child to build their tower as high as they can this will support their physical development and coordination

PSED - Clapping their hands to the sound of the bricks falling

CLL - Exploring new words - encourage communication

KUW - Making and exploring using shape and space

PSRN - Enncourage the child to count the bricks and show you the colours can they remove a brick without the tower falling down

Take a pic - observe what they do

Easy when you know how I have tried to keep it simple - hope that helps with other every day things that you do

Angel xx