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01-09-2008, 09:14 AM
well they started back school on thursday this morning one of my mindees parents came to the door at 7am she never ever comes to the door just drop her 8 year old of and drives away , any way she wanted to no why her dd was 5 mins late for school since they have been back ! well i said i dont know as we have all been at the school on time , she then said well the older ones need to go in 5 mins early as she has further to walk :panic: i didnt know any thing about that i said , but the thing is she caught me slightly of my guard at 7 am but after i had a think andi rember last week she went on ahead to her class room and i took the little ones in (so i didnt see her )

today i took her to her class room door at 8.48 with the little ones so she went in first but i noticed she was not getting ready just chatting :angry: so i said hurry or you will be late ! i could not actually take her to the class as i would be late taking the little ones ifucwim but if i make sure shes at the doors early in time how can it be my reasponsability to make her hurry its hard i do have another 5 that are 5 and under she is 9 in june . would you take an 8 year old into her class or do you ? please adviae thanks

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01-09-2008, 01:15 PM
I take my older ones to a line where the teacher collects and leads to the classroom. I then take the younger ones around to the other side of the building

Maybe discuss with the child about going in or maybe she needs to be at the front of her line and go in first to give you time to go around the other side.

I would discuss this with mum (arrange an appropriate time) and explain what happened and how you intend to deal with it due to the smaller ones.

01-09-2008, 02:41 PM
at my children school the older children all line up in playground when whistle goes til the teacher comes to collect them to go to class, littlle ones we have take in class, which to me is good enough as taken to school ... no children can get out as teacher on all 3 gates into the school hehe (kinda sounds like a prison but its not honest )

its not your fault if she late hun you took her to the door, x

01-09-2008, 04:31 PM
it sounds very different to our school the only children that line up are the under 5s and the teacher comes out to them , no teachers ever come out to the over 5s and they have no one on the gate , bit of a worry really :eek:
have spoken to mum tonight and said that from now on i will be taking her to the doors my self as i have no idea why she is late when we all arrive at the same time and thuis is five mins early ! oh mum said then told her she was grounded all week for being naughty at home and for coming in late when she plays out , i know she is late as she is just messing around instead of getting ready err:p x

01-09-2008, 04:34 PM
The older children at our school go in when the bell goes but we are not allowed to go with them

If they took their time in the cloakroom we would not know so that could make them late

I would tell the parent to have a word with the child and the teacher so that she is aware you are dropping off on time

Once the child goes into school I dont think its your problem any more but the schools

Angel xx