View Full Version : Im not moaning! just a "q" plz

28-08-2008, 12:54 PM
Ive had my 1st mindee for the last 3 weeks of the school holidays and tomorrows his last day (I thought it was monday next week!)

what do you all do for the end of the mindee's stay with you if you get my drift??

I thought maybe a some sweets and a card to simon with a lil poem in:rolleyes: he's 6 so I thought it might be too old for him?

sue m
28-08-2008, 01:00 PM
I've kept a scrap book Emma with photos and written what they were doing, same as we do for Ofsted and I'm going to let mine take that when they leave. There are some lovely poems you can add too and as you say, a card saying how lovely it's been being part of his life even for such a short time. that kinda thing??? Three weeks hasn't been long has it lol.

28-08-2008, 01:10 PM
Ive kept a copy of the diary on the comp and had added photos in! I was just gonna put that together, print it off and make a cover for it.

28-08-2008, 01:15 PM
Sounds lovely!

Would he do hand prints as well? Parents like those ... :D