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23-08-2008, 12:52 PM
This woman was my friend and unemployed so i introduced her to childminding. I told her what she had to do and got her intouch with Children and Co. and let her go on from there. It only took 2 months for her ( i thought that was fast) and then she started childminding ( how has she done it?) she had 2 children to look after but she kept coming round to my house and never her own i told her in the end she must do it on her own premerises and she became funny with me. I rung Children and Co to find out if i could have her round and found out she hadn't done the course and wasn't suppose to childmind. I kept away from her and tried not to speak to her round the school because i had droped her in it but i was mad she had gone ahead with it. Cut a long story short Ofsted found out NOT BY ME and paid her a visit. Ofsted still allowed her to childmind as long as she did the course within 6 months. She thought it was me and she started shouting at me on the school car park ( i had children with me) i just ignored her and told her it wasn't me and if she got caught out by her own hand don't blame anyone else. I did inform Children and Co and people have been complaining about her and if she carries on to inform the police so i told her this. This woman is so evil so goes to the same school as i do and people are scared of her but no one said a word. How can Ofsted let someone like her become a childminder. Her ofsted report isn't good no first aid no CIP course how do they let them slip though the net, when we all work so hard to set standards. I read her Ofsted report and she has the same grading as me how can that be.

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23-08-2008, 01:09 PM
Wow what a b..ch..

It is against her Ofsted to shout at you, especially if she has children with her.

i don't think she gives a dam about you so go ahead and tell Ofsted when something goes array.

I would also record all incidences with her verbal or otherwise as the police may get involved.

Hope it clears soon


23-08-2008, 01:09 PM
I'm actually really shocked.

For a start i wonuldnt worry about losing her friendship. she doesnt sound like a very nice person and if other people are scared of her, this wont take long to get around and she wont get any business.

The childminding side of this is the bit that worries me. If she hasnt bothered to even get reg'd properly and get first aid then what sort of parents are leaving their children with her. As far as i knew this was supposed to be illegal. If it is not then any Tom, Dick or Harry can childmind as long as they promise to do the course with in 6 months?? Just doesnt make sense. Ofsted clearly have gone off the rails here. I thought they were supposed to have CRB'd everyone and make sure we all have adequate insurance.

Barmey even in my humble little world!!!

23-08-2008, 01:21 PM
she started childminding in the Oct. 2006 and CRB came 6 months after that she then did the course in APRIL/MAY 2008 she sent me a copy of her certificate on my mobile to say she has done the course. Her Ofsted report is a terrible. When i had my inspection 6 months after childminding Ofsted were very very stricted with me, i am due my second soon so i am wondering what Ofsted are looking for now. I have printed her Ofsted report out and if i get pulled up on minor things i will show them hers.

23-08-2008, 01:32 PM
To be honest if i were you i would have absoutely nothing to do with her.
You will only end up tying yourself in knots about how she is getting away with it all and stressing and making yourself ill. Dont worry about her report, just concentrate doing your very best. Parents will soon realise she is terrible if they read it.
Delete her number and avoid her at all costs. You have the safety of the children and yourself to think about if she is that scary, you may not be able to predict her actions.
Th only thing i would do, which has already been mentioned, is to keep a log of everything you witness or hear either to yourself or children in her care. The police or ofsted may be interested at some point.

Best of luck with it all x

23-08-2008, 02:30 PM
Lots of good advice above, just keep you and your children safe and happy and forget about her.

23-08-2008, 06:54 PM
I just wanted to echo what the others have said really and suggest you try to keep your distance. If you remain proffessional this will show to others that not all minders are like her. Why ofsted let people through like this is beyond me.

23-08-2008, 07:34 PM
Keep away from her! Delete her number from your phone and barr it so you don't get any calls from her.

Keep a note of every incident - just in case.

Good luck

23-08-2008, 08:00 PM
The best advice has been given already. Stay away from her as best you can and make a note of any incident.

I would love to be a fly on the wall in her house!! Can't imagine what kind of minder she is, perhaps best not to know.:panic:

24-08-2008, 09:42 AM
You've had some good advice, try not to let her upset you more, she is not worth it.

On the subject of Ofsted allowing people to carry on - I think they do it so that they can keep a check on them, it is probably better to have a bad childminder registered and under their jurisdiction than refusing them registration and them minding anyway and going un noticed unless reported - if you see what I mean?

25-08-2008, 07:29 PM
thanks for everyones advice. School starts in a couple of weeks and my son is 10 now so hopefully i wont bump into her as my son wants me to wait round the corner for him (he thinks hes grown up now) as this is the last year of junior school.


26-08-2008, 08:28 AM
Keep away from her! Delete her number from your phone and barr it so you don't get any calls from her.

Keep a note of every incident - just in case.

Good luck

I agree with the above

No point in letting her get to you - leave her to it and concentrate on yourself and your children and keep away from her

Angel xx