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14-08-2008, 01:13 PM
Does anyone know if this is allowed?
I have been approached my a mum who may want me to look after her son 1-2 days per week. The thing is she would want me to do this within her own home so basically as a nanny although at childminding prices. I have siad that i would do it at childminding prices although i'm not sure if this is all allowed when it comes to tax. I know that as a nanny the parents are responsible for sorting the tax out and obviously as childminders we have to do it ourselves. Would it be allowed to do it as childminding and for me to put it through my childminding accounts or not? Not sure where i stand as registration certificate obviously says i am registered at my home adress so does that mean i can therefore only childmind from my home address. Would it be illegal to put it through my childminding accounts. Would it be illegal to get paid cash in hand?
She wouldn't get help from child tax credits if i was employed as a nanny unless i was ofsted registered. Does this mean as a nanny or does my childminding registration count?
Any ideas?

14-08-2008, 01:24 PM
No you cant do it under your childminding reg sorry . i think you would have to be employed as a nanny but i dont think it matters how you pay your tax as long as you do!
All you are doing is declaring income but dont forget you wouldnt have your usual expenses to write off against it. Also think about insurance and the fact that you couldnt take on any more children it would be quite a low paid job at CM prices!!!

Personally i wouldnt do it.