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hectors house
22-11-2019, 01:52 PM
Hi everyone
Some of you may remember my posts up until 18 months ago, when I finished Childminding. I worked as a school librarian for a year, whilst the usual Librarian had a sabbatical.
I was then trying to find temporary part time work until we go travelling in January. However all the jobs that would be easy to walk away from (retail or hospitality) all wanted staff to work evenings & weekends, so in desperation I registered with a Nanny Agency and was offered a 4 month job immediately. However due to circumstances beyond their control, the family will need a Nanny in the New Year too and foreseeable future. (Mum is poorly, she had thought she would be better by Jan, but has had a relapse and is currently in hospital).
I am currently working in a village near Cheddar / Wells / Glastonbury and I wondered if anyone knows of a Nanny / Housekeeper who can look after an adorable one year old and help mum with housework. We have already placed advert on childcare.co.uk but thought it would be good to see if any Somerset childminders had any other recommendations of where to advertise as January isn't far away.
Looking forward to catching up on posts from my old friends.
Many thanks Sarah (aka Hectors House)

hectors house
22-11-2019, 01:54 PM
Just to add that the lo cant go to a Childminder due to risk of catching viruses from other children as Mum has a suppressed immune system.

22-11-2019, 03:08 PM
Lovely to hear from you.

Sad news for your LO and family. I can't offer any advice apart from maybe contacting nanny agencies.

Best wishes