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29-08-2019, 02:49 PM
I'm new to childminding - offering after school care at my home.
I have recently been asked if I can look after a child with a severe allergy to milk. (has an Epipen). (It wasn't mention until they visited me, which unfortunately has left me very little time to find information and prepare - she wants to start next week.
I want to say yes, but my son still drinks milk every afternoon (he is 2), and my daughter has cereals for breakfast.
The allergic reaction is definitely on consuming milk, but the parent can't confirm if the reaction could happen on touch.
So, my concern is that milk could be split when I'm not watching, in the morning, or my unpredictable 2 year old could spill it when the child is in my care).

I'm also not sure if the Insurance will cover me, I have asked them, and they said a Risk assessment must be in place, but because of my son, I cannot remove milk form my setting, or put my son in a separate room to drink it, so I don't know whether my risk assessment will be sufficient.

A long post.
I realllllyyy want to help, but feeling rather overwhelmed and very little time to prepare. week!

I am very grateful for any advice.

30-08-2019, 08:35 AM
Welcome to the forum.

Have you spoken to parents about how they deal with the allergy at home? Do they have milk in the home or avoid it completely? What plans are in place for when the child is at school? Is the allergy to all foods that contain milk, not just milk itself?

I’d have to ask parents a lot more questions before I could make an informed decision. Knowing how it’s dealt with at home and in school would be a big help in deciding whether or not you could provide a suitable environment.

30-08-2019, 01:14 PM
Yes, what Mouse said!
Also depends on the age, maturity and understanding of the child with the allergy- are they able to be sensible about it, do they understand the allergy/risk etc. I can't imagine their whole school is milk free.