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13-03-2018, 12:33 PM
Hi all!

I am thinking of getting an 8 or 9 seater van - a small minibus - and wondered if anyone had one and could offer any advice for what to look for / good makes etc. ? when i work the holidays i have older ones and it makes it difficult to go out so would love to be able to fit everyone in!

I'm thinking a renault trafic or similar (vivaro) - have seen lots of 6 seaters but not many 9's (not local to me anyway ) and wondered if anyone had any experience of adding in the seats they want - someone recommended to do this as would be cheaper, but was wondering about the modifications for insurance purposes!! I would obviously get proper seats, expertly fitted and checked etc

I am not sure what the insurance costs will be so if anyone can recomend a good insurer I would really appreciate it - I enquired about it before with my current insurer and they wouldn't even do the number of seats I was asking about at that time so would likely have to change insurers - sigh!!

Also I am a one car family so the van would be my family vehicle as well as my business one but because of the hours I work it will only really be used for childminding use. (Apart from when i am on holiday) Can anyone advise the best way to be able to take the cost against my business ? I am a bit confused by all of that! if the main purpose of the vehicle is work can i also claim some of the insurance i would be paying - I have never claimed car insurance on my tax return before as don't suppose it is much more than what i would pay anyway but if i need to pay more i would like to claim if i can ?

so sorry for so many questions!!

TIA xxx

13-03-2018, 01:12 PM
I've got an 8 seater. Citroen C8. We do have another car my husband uses it for work so when I'm not childminding I feel the C8 is 'heavy & bulky' to drive around in if I'm on my own. It's also a thirsty car. I wish I had a little car. I only claim for mileage used whilst working. There have been numerous threads about cars and what you can claimed if you look in the history 'bit'. Sorry I can't help any more but someone more knowledgeable will advise you shortly. That's the beauty of asking questions here!

14-03-2018, 09:27 AM
thank you ! i'll have another go at searching - i tried but all i came up was the same question from june 17 which i'd replied to as was when i first thought about getting one lol!! will have tro try a few differrent words maybe!!