06-02-2018, 03:51 PM
Hi all,

I am new to this forum and never posted before.

I have my Pre reg visit from Ofsted on Thursday and I'm feeling very nervous!

Is there any advice out there? I know they will be asking me about safeguarding, looking around my house and checking my documents etc.
But is there anything else I should know that will help?

Many Thanks :)

07-02-2018, 02:39 PM
Just remember they are there to get you registered, ask them any questions you have, refer to your notes and documents if needed (minds can go blank, it is not a memory test), ask when to expect to hear back and when you'll receive your certificate as it is often a question that comes up here! Relax, you'll be fine!

08-02-2018, 07:22 AM
Just be yourself, don't be afraid to share your vision for your business, if you can't remember, say you can't remember so will need to check your notes, but if in doubt the answer is usually the LCSB, the LA, the EYFS, the forum/FB group, or other minders :laughing:

They're checking really that you know where to go to get help and support, as moggy says, it's not a memory test, so relax

Welcome to this crazy world, childminding is a very different journey, you're either gonna love it or hate it, and at times, a mixture of both lol

08-02-2018, 09:17 AM
welcome and good luck with your visit today.

I've been doing this for years, and I still ask questions on here, and ring my family information service & children's centres whenever I need to know something!


08-02-2018, 10:03 AM
Just remember they are there to get you registered,

The lovely Moggy said the above to me about 3 years ago too when I was waiting to get registered and it really helped keep things in perspective for me. Like she says they want to register you. Good luck and let us know how it goes :-) x