View Full Version : do new childminders have to be level 3?

15-06-2017, 10:58 AM

as the title says really!

I was talking to a lady ( with no childcare experience except her own children ) who is just applying to Ofsted to be a childminder, who has been told by another lady ( who IS level 3 and worked in a nursery ) that new childminders have to be level 3. I said I didn't think so, but I can't remember, and I've done a brief search online, but don't think my brain is working as I can't find reference to it!

Thank you!

15-06-2017, 11:35 AM
I'm pretty sure new childminders don't need level 3. I know it's been talked about for years but I'm sure it's never happened. This is what the framework says

3.23. In group settings, the manager must hold at least a full and relevant level 3
qualification and at least half of all other staff must hold at least a full and relevant
level 2 qualification. The manager should have at least two years’ experience of
working in an early years setting, or have at least two years’ other suitable
experience. The provider must ensure there is a named deputy who, in their
judgement, is capable and qualified to take charge in the manager’s absence.

3.24.Childminders must have completed training which helps them to understand and
implement the EYFS before they can register with Ofsted or a childminder
agency. Childminders are accountable for the quality of the work of any
assistants, and must be satisfied that assistants are competent in the areas of
work they undertake.

16-06-2017, 06:34 PM
no ...

new childminders need to be able to talk to Ofsted confidently about how they work within the Eyfs.

They also need to manage their money... and write / speak English ... and do first aid ... and safeguarding.

If they can do that then they don't even need to do a course!

More information on the Childcare Registration Facebook page and this blog - Ofsted pre-registration documents - Independent Childminders (http://independentchildminders.weebly.com/blog/ofsted-pre-registration-documents) :D