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07-07-2016, 11:47 AM
Do preschool have to produce a folder for children. I have a child leaving a preschool as parent not happy with the school. They have asked for her folder only to be told there isn't one

07-07-2016, 12:55 PM
No, as you can see in the EYFS, learning journals, scrap books or folders are not even mentioned. They are not statutory.
But a pre-school should have records to show the children have made progress, they should have the statutory 2-yr Check (if there between 24-36mths). It is unusual for a pre-school to have no records at all, it could be done on-line though, many are now so no physical 'folder' to give. The pre-school maybe being a bit protective if they know this is a disgruntled parent and not wanting to give their records away; they might not have made any records ()how long has the child been there?); they might wrongly think they need to keep the records for a future Ofsted inspection... Maybe the parent can ask more specifically for any 'photos', 'observations', 'reports', or 'the 2-yr check' (depending on age)... or ask for a transition report for the new setting?

07-07-2016, 02:51 PM
That's what I thought. She has asked and there is nothing or so she was told. The parent hasn't been happy with a few issues at the preschool and said she was going to complain to ofsted that they hadn't done a folder. Apparently the school said that as I do one they didn't but the child is actually has more hours there than here although I do have a folder which the patent has seen and is happy with
They do have folders as other children ice had from there had them but there's never much in them

07-07-2016, 03:31 PM
The mum can complain to Ofsted but as long as the Pre School has done 2 Year Checks then Ofsted are unlikely to do anything because there is no other written Developmental paperwork that is required.

I don't do anything other than the 2 year check.

I know exactly where my children are and their Next Steps. I take lots of photo evidence and put them in a scrap book but that is it and Ofsted were fine when I was inspected under the CIF last September.

I have done this because I don't see the point in doing reams of paperwork. I enjoy the company of the children and playing with them and enjoying their company and actually watching them grow and develop rather than spending unnecessary hours writing about it.

07-07-2016, 03:46 PM
I didn't think she would have much to complain about. Just hope it doesn't create a bad vib as I still have to take children there next term. Thanks everyone for confirming what I thought