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24-06-2016, 07:31 PM

I need advice for my friend who is a Childminder.
She need to move her business from home (personal issues) so she starts to look for house/flat to rent.
Unfortunately it looks like it is very difficult...
She tried contact private landlords (and still keeping eye on that) and then she tried through the agencies. She have contacted about 5 of them but they said (what surprised me a lot) that they will not help her as it is illegal to have a business in the rented property...
I know that it is legal and they probably just lazy about it.. (She even spoke to OFSTED about that)
What she can do?
How she can find a landlord who will agree for the business if she can't do it through the agency?
Please help.. She needs to move ASAP and she doesn't want to loose her outstanding business...
Did you have similar situation?

25-06-2016, 06:48 AM
Many childminders have had the same problem particularly if hey are going through an agent I am afraid. Many landlords do not understand what childminding is, they think of nurseries. Landlord insurance often bars it. Agencies normally have it in their contracts. It is to do with changing the character of the property from residential to business but childminding doesn''t do this. Some minders have managed to find some lovely landords without using an agency.

Hopefully this will bump up so someone with some advice comes along soon xx

watford wizz
25-06-2016, 11:05 AM
Could she possible work from the parents home in the short term nannying until she gets sorted xx