View Full Version : Registering with Ofsted

28-04-2016, 12:30 PM
HI Guys,

Wondered if anyone could help me please. Totally lost with what to do about registering. My tutor isnt very helpful. Can never get hold of her! I ckmpleted the course at home as I wasnt able to get into the college in the evening so havent had much dealings with her.
Anyway I have completed the course and I have applied for my DBS. Iam taking my health dec form in to the GP tomorrow but today i have gone onto Ofsteds site to join the registers. Its asking me to if I have received my DBS check and to input the refernece number - but I havent re eived it yet nd my tutor previously told me I could apply for the Ofsted visit whikst waiting for my DBS????? Also on another web page it was asking for an invoice number but I havent got one of these. PLEASE HELP. IM GOING INSANE!!!!! Thank you xxxxx

28-04-2016, 07:30 PM
DBS - DBS update - medical check - EY2 ... that's the order!

I hope it goes quickly for you :D