View Full Version : TESCO wages??

08-08-2008, 01:07 PM
Any one know how much Tesco pay? have a mum who requires emergency care for her 2 los because of training at tescos. she'll be working nights to fit in with her kids but has to train during the day!! i don't really want to charge her more than she'll get at tescos as she's only getting the job to increase her family's income!! she's a friend and it's only for 3 weeks so i don't mind discounting the charge for her! i could ask her but i'm always a bit nervous about asking questions like that!

08-08-2008, 01:13 PM
working nights the wages vary depending on what time it is how old you are etc. For example my dad works nights at tesco but he gets paid a higher rate after midnight and then it goes up again after 2am.

Also my mum works at tesco's on days and she earns over £6 an hour now but thats because they get alot of payrises the longer they are there for example she got a payrise for being there 6 months and then another for being there a year and then of course the annual pay rise. So as you can appreciate it is hard to work out. However i would say that for the training days she would just be on minimum wage or only slightly higher.

Hope this helps.