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22-04-2016, 11:32 AM
:-) :-) :-)

Awww, it's mindees birthday and mum had to work (she wanted to take day off) I said that we always do something special ...

We decided to go to the Aquarium. Having a brilliant time seeing all the fish etc. Just had lunch and when mindee was dropped off, mum gave me a box with 'some birthday cake in it' ... bless ... It's cake and candles, number biscuits, mini crispie cakes and sweets! ( And an envelope with money in it for a cup of tea for me! )

Just sent mum a photo of 3 little mindees covered in cake!

(And before anyone comments ... I have permission from all parents to share photos between them all!)

hectors house
22-04-2016, 12:33 PM
Shame that the mum had to work, but these things happen and she has done her best in making sure everyone has a great day by providing a cake, candles etc - often I have had children on their birthdays and have asked the parent if they can bring a cake and sometimes they have just bought the cheapest plain sponge cake they could find, one bought an iced fruit bar (Xmas cake) for her son's birthday that was 22 Dec - hardly any of the children would even eat it.

Your parent knows that her little one would have a great day with you :clapping: