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15-12-2015, 08:51 PM
Hello my ofsted certificate has come through whoop and I've got my first family aswell due to start January couldn't be happier . However I've just had a surprise at my doctor to discover I am 8 weeks pregnant . I am happy I am pregnant but now I'm worried as I've just started my childminding . I'm hoping that I can use my holiday to cover the baby being born . My question is when did other people tell parents and what did they do . Thank you

hectors house
16-12-2015, 10:18 PM
Many congratulations, I was childminding when I had my 3rd child (20 years ago), I probably told them about 8 weeks but I had looked after their daughter for 2 years and their son for 9 months, I also planned my pregnancy around this family (as mum was a teacher) and planned for baby to be as close to summer hols as I could get (If you are 8 weeks pregnant you probably have a similar due date), my baby was due 14th July and that's the date I worked up to, had the baby on 18th July and started back in the Sept with a 7 week old baby, a 15 month mindee, 3 year mindee, 7 year & 10 year old daughters.

Many childminders now take up to about 10 months maternity leave but not sure if you will qualify for this, it didn't exist for self employed people 20 years ago and I didn't want to lose my main family.

18-12-2015, 02:26 PM
congratualtions!! my view is that if its your baby u may need/want more than a few weeks off? xx I have also just set up and am pretty much full but not too far in the future I would like to start a family but feel a few weeks in reality wouldn't be enough? xx

18-12-2015, 04:45 PM
Congratulations! I've just started childminding and have 2 children starting in Jan. I have just discovered I'm pregnant after 2 years of trying so delighted but now very worried my business will suffer. I'm due beginning of Aug so I'll finish end of July when the kids break up for the summer and start again in January 2017. I remember how I felt when I had my son and a few weeks is not long enough to enjoy that precious newborn stage so I'm gonna take a few months. Hope everything goes smoothly for you :-)