View Full Version : Magnifying glasses

01-12-2015, 10:13 AM
I've just bought one of those jumbo magnifying glasses and am now after ideas of good activities for using it! Does anyone have any they would be happy to share, would this fall into investigative and understanding the world etc? Thank you :-) x

01-12-2015, 11:53 AM
We have a few of them. I dont often use them for specific activities but they do get used most days--- I have some outside and some indoors along with the natural bits and bobs.
mine like them for looking for things too , a bit like being a detective , so if we go on a number hunting walk for example they like to take theim along.

01-12-2015, 01:08 PM
I also have jumbo magnifying glasses and we use them most days but for everything. I add them to the pile if sticklebricks, the sensory bottles and tuff spot but they are used for everything and nothing really specific! They love holding them up to their faces and looking at me through them. We also use them on walks.