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05-11-2015, 09:14 AM
The DfE held a Q&A session last night on twitter on the 30 hours of childcare....and it was just for CMs....if you are on twitter take a look at the questions using #30hourschildcare

Stupidly they held the session at 6pm...totally inappropriate for cms but several pointed and good questions were raised....and very few answered!!!....surprise surprise!

Questions posted by cms were picked by 4Children's Sue Robb and put to the woman from the DfE
It was also streamed live as they read the questions.

Unfortunately the DfE was not able to answer the vast majority of the questions...the reply was 'we can't tell you as yet because we have to wait for the Spending Review'
in the end no one came out any wiser and I felt there is no point in discussing any of this until we 'have an offer on the table'....but worth thinking of all possibilities!

I was not aware of the session until I was alerted last night by those speaking up for mothers staying at home and have seen nothing posted in this forum.....if you have seen it elsewhere please share so that cms are informed.

The other message is that the DfE is encouraging cms to come forward and give them idea....or talk to their LA....many LAs are already emailing cms to come forward....it feels like both DfE and LAs are desperate for cms to join.

In addition there is a lot of talk of 'working in partnership' with other providers...another surprise?
yes that will become very obvious when some settings will not be able to extend to 30 hours and run to cms for help...be ahead of the game and start asking them!!

One topic that was raised a lot was 'LAs payments' to cms...DfE aware Cms are having to wait too long to get their funding!!

Another point stressed by the DfE is Cms ability to work from schools in January 2016...rather well timed that !!! Dfe obviously think we are a bit on the slow side to understand their thinking!

Whatever you feel about the 30 hours...please be careful...we have no idea what the Chancellor will put into this scheme in terms of money.
Without the appropriate funding many will just have to reflect on this.

On another note...it may be good to 'start ' chatting to parents about this 30 hours...make sure they know it is 30 hours for 38 weeks...which may be extended if the Review takes account of this....it is NOT 30 hours all year round!!!!...be warned and survey your parents' expectations!!!

In the end this is all about pushing parents back to work with few questions asked if it is the best for children.

Good luck and keep informed!

05-11-2015, 02:33 PM
Thank you for info