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18-09-2015, 12:31 PM
Are we required to carry one of these at all times? I'm thinking of outings 10 minutes from my home - school pick up, park etc, is it really necessary?

18-09-2015, 01:13 PM
Are we required to carry one of these at all times? I'm thinking of outings 10 minutes from my home - school pick up, park etc, is it really necessary?

I do always take a small first aid kit out with me on local trips as in my experience that's when most little accidents happen. I have more children falling over on the school / nursery runs than at any other time :panic:.

My bigger ones I just have in the house and the car.


Kitty B
18-09-2015, 01:20 PM
I don't know if it's a requirement but I always carry one in the bottom of my pushchair, it's just got some individual antiseptic wipes, small bandages, gauze etc (and plasters but not entirely sure they can b used, although I do! I worked in a nursery years back and they weren't permitted) and inside the first aid kit I also have a contact list for all children I care for.

18-09-2015, 01:56 PM
I have a little kit in my handbag so it is with me at all times. That is the one that gets used most as most accidents happen outdoors (grazes, falls etc).

EYFS 2014: Section 3: Paragraph 3.50. '...ensure there is a first aid box accessible at all times...'
So, yes, I understand that as needing a first aid box/kit accessible where ever you are so that means carrying it with you when out, even for a short journey.

18-09-2015, 03:21 PM
I have a small first aid kit under both my pushchairs ( that I use for walking around my local area ), small first aid kits in each of the 3 different sized bags I may take out with me, and a bigger first aid kit in the car.

I have a teeny tiny one with a couple of wipes & a couple of plasters, that I keep in the pocket of my 'childminder' fleece that I wear most of the time when outdoors!

I also carry a small first aid kit in my handbag ( and I never use my handbag when I'm working! )

I have needed to use something from all of them, at some time or other. if not for my own children or mindees, for someone else!

( I also carry a couple of spare nappies/wipes and a handful of nappysacks under the buggies and in my bags - again - for all eventualities! :rolleyes: )

18-09-2015, 07:48 PM
I have my childminding bag ( a lovely fossil bag, colourful, waterproof, big...bought on a whim for a camera bag but actually useless for that purpose!!) I used to keep a farly full first aid kit but it has reduced in size to practical - cold compress crack on the spot packs, medical wipes and plasters and sterile water and pads to clean. Like you, I am never really far from home, the nature reserve and fields we frequent are just next door to our house, so if it required more my DH would run and meet and provide, or realistically anything requiring more than this outdoors is probably an A&E visit! DH has a first aid qualification for active outdoor activities ( he has mountain leadership qualifications and leads DofE groups.) and he is often with us too.
In the holidays I met some friends and their grandchildren at a nature reserve we often go to - I uhmed and Ahhed over whether I should take my bag....I did in the end and my cold pack was needed...it started a discussion with my friends that parents and grandparents really should carry a small first aid kit too!

19-09-2015, 05:23 PM
Gosh, it's a wonder some of you can move with all the things you take with you lol

19-09-2015, 08:13 PM
You can buy little first aid packs from the pound shop, great for just popping under the pushchair and in your bag. I always have my phone (with emergency details in) and a little first aid kit wherever i go.

19-09-2015, 08:20 PM
I have a small fit aid kit that goes with us in my bag.

If you get one from the pound shop, check to make sure you remove anything that shouldn't be in there (little scissors, etc).

I also have a list of all the expiry dates written out so I can keep it all in date. It's a faff, since it's nearly all sterile in it's packing, but I know at least one childminder who has been pulled up on it by ofsted previously!