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02-09-2015, 11:58 AM
my last 2 post are of a simalar thread basically ive had the enquirie for 2 children 70 hrs in the hols differing in the week the mum was worried about holiday cost so i was advised to add hrs divid by 52 it works out 33 hrs a week ive expplained to mum over payment underpayment ect no im getting tax credits are only willing to pay 60 towards 200 of care i really dont get how all this works there is a language issue with mum i dont want to be the loser now she saying maybe the elder girl with speacial needs may need to stay home alone in the holidays (she is 12) but it is a new area i just think should i say no thanks they are a nice family im such a pushover i hate money issues!!

04-09-2015, 08:20 AM
no advice, but whatever tax credits pay, it is the parents concern, not yours. Hard though that is, you do need your business hat on. I understand you wanting to help, but a 12 yr old with additional needs sounds like MORE work to me, rather than less.

as you say, if mum is quibbling over costs, then it is up to you, but I think I too, would be saying no thank you.

good luck xx