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25-08-2015, 01:14 PM
Many are expecting the EYFS to be revised in view of the many recent changes and additions to inspections.

While in some areas the EYFS is still perfectly current and pertinent ...other areas are a bit 'outdated'...the terminology could do with some tweaking

The EYFS 2012 does not mention EYPP, British Values, Safeguarding is still 2013 when the guidance has been updated in 2015... and there is no mention of the Prevent duty.

In answer to my question on whether the EYFS was going to be revised the DfE have sent this reply:

@signoramac · Aug 24
@educationgovuk Will there be a reviewed #EYFS to reflect changes in #CIF and other matters from September? Thank you

DfE ‏@educationgovuk · 5 hrs5 hours ago
@signoramac Under CIF, Ofsted will continue to inspect EY provision in line with requirements of the Statutory Framework for the EYFS 1/2

and then the link to HMCI letter on the CIF

DfE ‏@educationgovuk · 5 hrs5 hours ago
@signoramac More here: http://ow.ly/Rklwy 2/2

‏@signoramac · 10 mins10 minutes ago 
@educationgovuk #CIF is easily included in #EYFS12 but Safeguarding is now 2015 not 2013 No mention of #EYPP #SEND #BritishValues #Prevent?

So for the moment there does not seem to be a revised EYFS!