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Doodle head
18-08-2015, 06:49 PM
I am in the process of setting for childminding, I still live with my parents and they've kindly agreed to let me use one of the rooms in the house to child mind. I have a few questions..... As I only have the one room, am I allowed to place a cot in there or does sleeping areas have to be kept separate? My changing area is going to be in the laundry room as there is a toilet next door with a sink to wash hands ect, is this an acceptable place?! Really appreciate any help. Thank you!


18-08-2015, 08:31 PM
I have my own place and have registered upstairs bedrooms for sleeping but all children sleep in buggy in hall/dining room or on the sofa in the room I use for most of the day, so cot in the room or even sleeping mat on the floor I'm sure will be fine, or a quiet corner in a room nearby if possible.
My nappy change area is anywhere in the room, usually in a quiet corner but I have a big mat and take nappies and wipes and change where needed eg if all out in the garden I do the nappy either just inside the patio door where I can see the others or in the garden! I think as long as you have a quiet corner for privacy and somewhere nearby to wash hands Ofsted will be happy. It would be handy to have an area set aside for all the nappies and wipes etc to be, I usually leave them in their bags in the hallway and take them out as needed otherwise it all piles up on my living room windowsill where I tend to change most nappies