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25-04-2015, 09:45 AM
I have a parent who is currently on care to learn for 3 days at my setting, she wants to put the child in pre school for the other 2 days using the 15 hours grant, so i would still be paid care to learn for 3 days is she allowed to do this, she is onlyn at college for 3 days of which these are the days I have the child, he has just turned 3 so will be able to get the 15 hours next term

25-04-2015, 10:09 AM
All 3-yr olds are eligible for the 15 hours, the term after their birthday.
I can't see any problem with her plan- she can choose where to use the 15 hours free entitlement.
The 2 schemes can run side-by-side, I understand?
If you are concerned you can ask your LA as they are the ones paying out the free entitlement to the pre-school.

blue bear
25-04-2015, 10:34 AM

Looking at this they are expected to use their free hours to reduce their care to learn claim.

25-04-2015, 01:34 PM
thanks for ur help ladies, I will ring development officer on monday, x

20-05-2015, 09:09 AM
Hi Susie

youre having a really difficult time - and im sure that lots of us feel a little downtrodden at times but not to your level. Sounds to me like your husband needs to listen to himself - he should be helping you not criticising you ...

There will be lots of wonderful advice from other members but Im going to ask one of the mods to move your post to its own thread so that members can find it and offer wise words....

20-05-2015, 11:32 AM
Hi Susie,

First off... Big hugs to you! You sound like you have a very hectic, busy work life. Can I ask why you work such long hours? I've learnt recently that our bodies and minds are not designed to cope with stress long term and that eventually it will start to give you signals that it needs a rest. Do you think maybe your body is telling you enough is enough? Just a thought. Also, it sounds like your daughter and assistant are being more burdensome than helpful - why don't you consider (if you can afford it) to cut back a bit or have 1 day off a week? This job is physically and mentally demanding, start putting yourself and your health first - no one else will do it for you. Perhaps your doctor could refer you to a therapist who could help you with assertiveness in telling your family you need more help around the house? Good luck, we are always here if you need to unload. Xx

lollipop kid
20-05-2015, 12:00 PM
Could really do with some advice everything at the moment is a mess and i am being walked over by everyone and I just do not know what to do.
I work from 7 am to 6.30pm Mon to Fri. I have an assistant who works 24 hours a week and I have just taken on my daughter for 30 hours a week this was all supposed to make my life easier.
My daughter is meant to start at 10am but never does she is always going in the garden to make phone calls.My assistant started at 12 yesterday walked in put her bag down and then walked straight out again to drop something to her mum that lives across the road. She then came back again and within 10 minutes her and my daughter are at the end of my garden having a fag break. I know this is all my fault but i just do not have the energy to stand up for myself at the moment my hubby is constantly having a go at me about people walking all over me. My house is a total mess and I want to cry anyone comes into the house my other 2 sons aged 20 and 22 just treat the place like a hotel they cant even be bothered to wash up a cup let alone pick up their rubbish. Im under the doctor because of me being overweight and that just makes me feel worse.

Im sorry if I am rambling on but I really dont know what to do or where to start.


Susie, first off - big hugs!

You are working long hours and your assistants seem to be playing at the role, rather than actually helping you.

First thing I would do would be to put in place some core hours - say 8.30am-5.30pm, for which I'd charge my full day rate. Then for each 1/2 hour before or after this, I would charge double time on top. (I do this currently and have found that most of my parents only do the 8.30am-5.30pm day rather than pay an extra amount on top.) Give current parents notice that you plan to change your hours say from the September term onwards, then this will give you something to look forward to.

Second thing I would do would be to consider if there was a way of moving some children's days around so that I would only have my 3 children per day each day of the week that I work. (Now you've got a choice of working 4 days, or 5 days per week.) This also means that you no longer need assistants.

Or, if you have more than 3 children each day across the 4 or 5 days, then consider if there is anywhere you can load a day or two with your maximum number of children. (This will hopefully give you some days when you don't need an assistant.) Aim to do this again in the September term, and in the meantime, advertise on Gumtree for a dedicated Assistant with an urgent start and start looking at CVs. Start interviewing and set yourself some role criteria so you can base your advert on it. Important question to ask: why are you leaving your current role? Also mention that the role with you is subject to the usual DBS checks/Suitable person letter etc.

So in your advert, an assistant should have the following:

Be available to work Monday to Friday (or whatever days you need), between the hours of 8am and 6pm (or whatever you end up deciding to do)
Live within a 30 minute travel time of your setting (this is so they can still get to you in bad weather, as no doubt your children will still attend)
Proven experience of working with children aged 0-6 years
Knowledge and experience of working within the EYFS
Level 3 qualification in Early Years (or Level 2)
DBS check
First Aid (Paediatric)
Be able to commit to the role for at least the next 1 year
Be self-employed
A passion to keep children safe
A passion to plan interesting and stimulating play experiences for children
Be able to observe, assess and plan for children
Happy to attend to children's personal needs (feeding them, nappy changing) etc.
Be a non-smoker
Be a non-drinker
Be willing to attend regular training courses in Child Protection, Paediatric First Aid and Food Hygiene in their own time
Whatever else you need
Pay will be commensurate with experience

If nothing else, this will put the wind up your current assistant. I would also go back to your assistant's job description and sit down and have a frank chat with her. This is a serious role and she cannot leave you over your numbers under any circumstances.

(If Ofsted came to inspect you with the two assistant you currently have, it doesn't sound to me as if you would have much of a chance of getting a decent grade. Don't let these two slackers bring your standards down! Recruit better ones - they are out there - it sounds like you deserve decent help. An assistant is there to assist you - not the other way round.)

All the best,


21-05-2015, 06:34 AM
Hi Suzie.

Just want to send you big hugs

21-05-2015, 07:02 AM
Good advice from lollipop. I would tell parents open times change gong as you are burning yourself out. I take a Wednesday off. All my children part time and chopping and changing and some days I only had one but I worked from 8 to 5.45 five days. I explained it's too full on 5 days a week and I was not doing good Wednesday as I needed time for my kids as mindees take all my attention and I want time to attend appointments etc. Plenty notice given and it works well