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21-04-2015, 03:51 PM
Hopefully someone can answer. 3 year old who comes to me was poorly over weekend with sore throat/high temp. She didn't come yesterday as still a little under the weather. Today she came and was fine all morning. Mum left a bottle of calpol and said she didn't think she'd need it but just incase. She signed a note I wrote myself just to say if she needed it, mum was happy for her to have it. After nursery little one had a temp of 38 and was crying with a headache & fell straight asleep on sofa. I gave calpol as mum asked. Just recorded it on a Pacey medication form but realised mum should have put the details on and not me?? I'm new to childminding and first medication form ive filled in. I've recorded the time, dose and reason on there and dad signed when he collected. Is this ok???

21-04-2015, 04:10 PM
Attach the note you wrote and mum signed to the form. You had signed parental permission and mum provided the medication. You also got dad to sign. I think that covers everything. I'm not familiar with PACEY paperwork though.

21-04-2015, 04:11 PM
Maybe rules different in northern Ireland but as long as a parent gives permission for calpol I just write up on a sheet and get parent to sign

21-04-2015, 04:18 PM
On my medication forms there is a space for parent to sign to say they authorise me to give it and when the last dose pre-care was given. Then I fill in the form as I give the medication and sign that bit, then the parent signs when they collect which shows them when and how much I have given. I also write on my form the LOT Number and Exp Date of the medicine although that is not listed on the sheer.
It sounds to me like you have covered everything.


21-04-2015, 05:43 PM
I use the pacey form and I've always filled it in and then got the parent to check and sign it.

Tbh I've never checked whether pacey think mum should fill the form but some parents are functionally illiterate and could not fill in any such form. I certainly know I've have at least 3 parents whose writing I could not read: not something I want to have to deal with when it comes to medications consent.

As an aside, watch out how long this family tries to continue to medicate on Calpol. Parents don't read the label: make sure you have. The directions are "do not give this medication to a child for more than 3 days without speaking to a doctor or pharmacist" (that reduces to a mere 2 doses when treating a 2-3 month old). The way many parents talk about giving it to them "over the weekend" that frequently means they're already on day 4 by Monday morning when they drop at your place. :(