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18-03-2015, 01:04 PM
Someone I know is just about to give birth to her second child and has asked me about childcare for this time next year. She has asked for 1 or 2 days a week for her 1 year old and possibly her 4 year old. I have just started out so have no mindees at present and have 1 EYs space until September when my daughter starts school so frees another EY space.

I feel like I'm happy to hold a place for her 1 year old with a deposit paid, as it would only mean holding a space from September to March and I can have one other EYs child whilst holding the space. Not sure about holding the space for her 4 year old though as it would take up 2 of my EYs spaces for a year for those days. What would you do? Tell them to come back closer to the time to see if the spaces were available? Ask for a retainer for her 4 year old - and how much retainer is reasonable? Or ask her if she can send her 4 (who has just turned 3) year old one day a week whilst she is on maternity leave to hold a space?

I really want to help, but only if I'm not taken advantage of! I'm aware that she might even decide not to go back to work and I could be holding spaces for nothing!

18-03-2015, 01:14 PM
I have had some way-ahead enquiries in the past. I always say to come back about 6mths before start date to see how we feel. As you say, a lot can happen in that time and you can also earn a lot of money in that time from another client!

It is tempting when you are starting out to jump at every enquiry but you will get other enquiries, maybe better hours/days. This family want so few days I would not be interested in blocking months of income for them.

If you take on other families now you still might be able to fit these other children in as people come and go and change their hours/days.

A retainer is usually only 50%, so can you live on 50% income for so long? You can only charge a retainer when a space is available so that would be from Sept anyway as you do not have the space because of your own child.