View Full Version : Nanny versus childminder

25-02-2015, 10:19 PM
Im seeing quite a few people advertising for live out out nannys for their children requesting school runs etc but it sounds like a childminder would also work for them. Are they specifying a "nanny" for a reason or dyou think its worth contacting them to offer my services as a CM?

25-02-2015, 10:41 PM
It wouldn't harm to contact - the worst they can say is no thank you. There are many reasons that people may prefer a nanny. Nanny's offer one to one or complete dedication to their family only, they may feel more comfortable with the children being in their own home, they may feel they have more control as they would be the employer, it may be cheaper if they have several children. Some people may not know exactly what they are looking for in terms of childcare which is why I say it's worth contacting :-)